Displaced Workers Project

What is the Displaced Workers Project?

Decoda Literacy Solutions has been contracted by the federal government to research the existence and effectiveness of Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) programs for displaced workers in Canada. The objective of the three-year (2019-2022) project, Displaced Workers: Enhancing Literacy and Essential Skills, is to fill knowledge gaps regarding what does and does not work for LES training and supports for displaced workers to improve their employability. This project will also help employers understand what skills employees need to remain effective on the job as workplaces evolve and adapt.

Who are displaced workers?

Displaced workers are from all parts of Canada, from all sorts of jobs, and in all phases of their employment. Their lives and those of their families are often thrown into crisis when their job disappears. Finding new employment can seem like an impossible task.

They are workers who have been displaced from their jobs through planned or unplanned circumstances such as mill closures, industry slow-downs, tourism decline or natural disasters. The Displaced Worker Project puts an emphasis on those workers who are hard to reach or reluctant to access skills training or employment services. Part-time and seasonal workers are not included, as their employment conditions are predetermined.

How will we gather data?

We are gathering data through surveys and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders (including workers, employers and service providers). We have a BC Team of community-based literacy practitioners who reflect local knowledge and experience in ten regions of the Province and a Canadian Network Advisory Committee that links up a network of literacy leaders from across Canada.

What next?

Our research includes efforts to identify best practices and promising programs from around the world. In the final year of the project, we will beta-test some of these promising practices with hopes of filling training gaps and increasing opportunities for displaced workers in the future.

Who’s on the team?

Our project partners are Social Demonstration and Research Corporation (SRDC) and Learning Metrix.