Celebrating the power of literacy: Paulina’s story

The Westcoast Reader has a new website! Paulina Mason’s picture is on the new website. Paulina invited us to share her story – she wants to encourage others to get the help they need to develop their skills. Paulina was born in an orphanage in Bulgaria. Her development was delayed. She was malnourished and spent… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – Thank you donors!

Thank you to all our supporters who donated to help more literacy programs receive The Westcoast Reader, a monthly newspaper for learners. Over $2,000 was raised! We are currently fulfilling subscription applications from programs in need. If you know of a program that would benefit from The Westcoast Reader, please send us an email…. Read more

My Place is Here

I came to Canada last summer. This was a good season to be here because the weather was warm (too warm sometimes!) and that made the transition from my country to Canada easier. After a while, I realized that even if I felt like being on a long vacation, it was difficult for me to… Read more

The Time I Overcame a Difficult Time

I remember the time I overcame a difficult time adapting to the weather and language.  In order to adapt I wore jackets every day and I got my daughter to help me practice. I remember the time I was new to Canada and my older daughter wanted to go back to our country. I remember… Read more

The Time I Was New To Canada – Alem

I came to Canada in 2010.  I was so happy and excited.  But after one month I had trouble learning because I didn’t understand and speak.  After six months, I had a little bit of speaking and understanding. I am so happy to be learning because I have a job and communicate with classmates and… Read more

Literacy is Life – The Time I Was New to Canada

Over three years ago when I moved to Canada, I experienced difficult times and challenges integrating first of all because English is not my first language. And after moving here, I had hard times getting used to the transportation system: the bus, the skytrain the directions. It was difficult to ask questions to the bus… Read more

Steven’s Story

By Steven, LINC 4, Burnaby I first time came to Vancouver in 2010, everything was new; new city, new people,new culture and new language. I like to play basketball,and it helped me to make some new friends. We don’t speak the same language so sometimes our team was many mistakes. I was afraid no one… Read more

The Time I Was New To Canada

By Parvin, LINC 4, Burnaby On July 22, 2015 we came to Canada. When we flew over Vancouver my daughter saw ocean and forest. She was very happy because she saw her father again after 20 months. We started a new life in a new country , a new city with a new culture. The… Read more

Literacy is Life

By Tran Huong My name is Huong, I am from Vietnam. I am learning in LINC [Language Instruction for New Canadians] 5 at Windsor school. My teacher is Craita.  I came here 2 years ago. The first time when I came here, I couldn’t communicate with everyone here, everything was strange with me, the culture, human, religious… Read more

A Fresh Start

A time I overcame many difficult challenges, had trouble learning, failed a grade, and went back to school after a long period of time: It all started when I was born with Eustationary tube dysfunction which creates major ear problems. As a result, my learning was delayed. Public school is where I failed as a… Read more