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Teach Mental Health

New this year, Teach Mental Health is free online, self-paced professional development for teachers to increase their knowledge about mental health and mental illness.  The seven modules are designed to give teachers and teacher candidates a foundation of mental health literacy, including effective strategies to use with students and in your own life. The seven… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Maureen

I was heading out for a sailing vacation and realized that my library books were due before I would be back. I tried to renew but they all had holds on them. No time to go to the library, (my local branch is only open Wednesdays and Saturdays). Dilemma! I checked our mini library on… Read more

Links to Literacy

Here’s this week’s sample of interesting online reading: How Parents Can Model Better Screen Time Behavior for Their Kids I’m a data scientist who is skeptical about data Is Round Robin Reading Really that Bad? Nature can be as engaging as video games – how to help kids fall in love with the outdoors Story… Read more

Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a summer activity that’s worth repeating! Do you want a fun activity that will remind children of favourite books or introduce them to new books? Why not create a book scavenger hunt? In A Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt, Madelyn Rosenberg outlines the steps for creating an individualized book scavenger hunt that makes the most… Read more

In the Workplace and In the Community

Today we’re revisiting two resources from Bow Valley College and NorQuest College that are now available through BC Campus as Open Textbooks. Bow Valley College and NorQuest College in Alberta collaborated to create two new e-textbooks for immigrant adult learners who require English language programming. They are open educational resources and freely available. In the… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Heather

I love discovering books in a variety of ways and places. There are 4 little free libraries within a few blocks of where I live. I love the randomness of the collections within. While I’m gathering up all the mysteries in sight, something else inevitably catches my eye.  Sometimes it’s a dud, sometimes it’s a… Read more

Links to Literacy

Here’s this week’s selection of interesting online reading: 50 Beautiful Sentences from Young Adult Books Build Empathy and Understanding by Pairing Comics with Novels EasyJet launches on-board lending library with 60,000 books across 300 flights The Resilience and Determination of Refugee Mothers Robots Are Teaching Language Skills, But Are They Any Good? Why Calmness Can… Read more

Understanding the Canadian Language Benchmarks

To learn more, visit the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks website.

Ecology of Learning

An ecology of learning includes the places and interactions that offer opportunities for learning, development, and achievement throughout a person’s life. This environment inspires exploration, creativity, connections with others, and support in mastering skills at home, and in school, the community, and digital spaces. To see snapshots of how schools and communities around the world… Read more