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Digital Literacy Portal

Here’s something new for practitioners teaching digital literacy and computer skills.  In May 2011, the US government launched .  This website is a portal to resources on digital literacy topics.  Of particular interest are the “Learn the Basics” and “Educator Tools” sections – links to a variety of online tutorials and resources.

Check your digital footprint

What do people see when they Google search your name?  Are you concerned about Web privacy? Edublogger has posted A Complete Guide to web, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus Privacy and Security with  a handy checklist that outlines the process of checking your digital footprint (the record of where you’ve been and what you’ve done on the… Read more

Aboriginal Adult Literacy Assessment Tool

Newly developed by the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network, the Aboriginal Adult Literacy Assessment Tool is a culturally relevant assessment instrument that assesses workplace literacy skill development.  This website links to the pilot project summary, Saskatchewan results report, and a sample survey.

Social determinants of health

Social Determinants of Health: the Canadian facts looks at the living conditions that contribute to health status.  This report considers fourteen social determinants of health, why they are important, and what is being done in Canada to improve their quality.  Literacy is intertwined with many of those conditions. A New Way to Talk about the Social Determinants of… Read more

Comprehension Strategies for Adult Readers

Introducing Comprehension Strategies to Adult Readers is a free online resource for instructors working with adult learners.  It presents strategies for helping learners improve reading comprehension.  The two comprehension strategies covered are coding text and question-answer relationship (QAR).  A four-stage process for teaching the strategies is outlined and helpful video clips illustrating the techniques in action… Read more

Multilingual Parent Resource Sheets

  As part of the Welcome Here project for immigrant parents, the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs has produced ten multilingual information sheets for parents . Each sheet contains concise information on a parenting topic such as building active habits, supporting positive behaviour, and the pleasures of reading aloud. The sheets are available in 14 languages… Read more

Summer reading – Good Reads

The other day I borrowed one of the Good Reads books from our library for the bus ride home. It reminded me of how good the stories and writing are in these books. I’m adding the ones I haven’t read to my summer reading list. For those of you who are adult literacy teachers and… Read more


Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools, and media.  For an explanation of what this means in everyday life, watch this video. A recent post on the AlphaPlus blog links to tools presented at the Transliteracy Conference.

Learning disabilities in adult learners

In October of 2010, Learning to Achieve: a professional’s guide to educating adults with learning disabilities was released.   This is the American national guide from the National Institute for Literacy.   (Warning: this is a large file.)  While it was written to accompany training modules, it also can be used as a stand alone resource. “A major… Read more