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Popular reading for adult learners

If you’re looking for reading materials for adults learning to read, or adults looking for easy reading material, take a look at our Popular Reading Materials for Learners list. There’s fiction and non-fiction, and novels are organized by reading level – something to interest almost everyone. To borrow any items on the list email

Finding words

For those of you looking for new words to enter the library draw, the game Free Rice is a fun source.  Our thanks to Rosemary Craig for the suggestion.  Here’s what she has to say: ” I have shown this website to literacy-level adults, ESL learners, and literacy practitioners.  Everyone just finds a level and… Read more

Rapid Reads non-fiction

New in the library! Two non-fiction titles in the Orca Books Rapid Reads series: Generation Us: the challenge of global warming explains in clear, accessible language what global warming is, how it may impact the future, and possible solutions.  Ortona Street Fight is a dramatic account of Canada’s first major triumph of World War II. To borrow either… Read more

International Literacy Day today!

Today is International Literacy Day and to celebrate Decoda Literacy Solutions took on the ABC Life Literacy challenge of learning a new word.  Here’s what we learned.  Definitions are provided just in case these words are new to you, too. Anand Karaj: the name given to the Sikh marriage ceremony. ‘Anand’ literally means bliss. ‘Karaj’,… Read more

Adult Basic Education & Literacy journal

For the past 5 years, COABE and ProLiteracy have jointly published the Adult Basic Education & Literacy journal.  They have announced that this publication will be discontinued with the final issue scheduled for November 2011.

Adult literacy practitioner blog

Wendell Dryden, a literacy practitioner from Saint John, New Brunswick writes a blog called qualities – communities – literacies  – interesting entries from someone who reflects on the meaning as well as the reality of his work.  It’s worth a browse.

Essential Digital Skills

Defining Essential Digital Skills in the Canadian Workplace proposes a digital skills framework for Canadian workers that includes four skills clusters: foundational skills, transversal skills, technical digital skills and digital information processing skills. It recognizes that digital literacy involves both technical and cognitive skills.  This report also examines tools and procedures for assessing digital skills.

Thinkfinity changes

The Thinkfinity Literacy Network has been replaced by two websites – ProLiteracy Education Network (EduNet) and Wonderopolis.  EduNet offers most of the free online courses and resources for students, teachers, and organizations that were on Thinkfinity, except those for children and families.  Wonderopolis, developed by the National Center for Family Literacy, has resources for  families, caregivers,… Read more

What your teacher never told you

What your teacher never told you about managing your money is an informative and fun introductory ecourse on financial literacy.  Using the story of a cartoon couple, it covers practical basics for developing and improving money management skills.  This is from the financial literacy section of the ABC Life Literacy Canada website.

Reading comprehension

Here’s a YouTube video that shows why reading with comprehension needs more than strategies.