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New book: The Kinesthetic Classroom

New in the library! The Kinesthetic Classroom: teaching and learning through movement by Traci Lengel and Mike Kuczala (2010) This book draws on education research and describes how regular physical movement increases attention span and helps the brain master new information. It shows how to use short activity breaks to refocus students and movement-based activities… Read more

New book: Eat that frog!

New in the library! Eat that frog!: 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time (2nd ed.) by Brian Tracy (2007). This book details twenty-one practical steps that help you stop procrastinating and manage your time effectively. Includes information on how to keep technology from dominating your time. The title… Read more

Teaching ESL in Canada

Newly published, Teaching ESL in Canada by Xuemei Li, Johanne Myles and Pamela Robinson gives detailed guidance on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills instruction. It includes information about what makes teaching adults in Canada unique and advice on integrating students from various cultures into a classroom. There are tips on lesson planning and student… Read more

New books in the library: Fiction

In honour of Valentine’s Day, a not-so-romantic story of love and murder in addition to our other new titles: Bloody Valentine. Quick James Patterson with K.A. John (2011). Mega-rich restaurant owner Jack Barnes and his second wife Zee are very much in love. However, their plans for Valentine’s Day are about to be torn… Read more

New books: Listening skills

New in the library! Developing listening skills 1. 2nd ed. (Book + CD) Developing listening skills 2. 2nd ed. (Book + CD) Developing listening skills 3, 2nd ed. (Book + CD) By Casey Malarcher. Santa Fe Springs, Calif.: Compass Publishing, 2010. The books in this series each feature 12 units with real world listening practice… Read more

New book on community leadership

New in the library! Everyone leads: building leadership from the community up. 1st ed. by Paul Schmitz (2012). “Based on a proven leadership model, Everybody Leads shows how leadership can be found in uncommon places and reveals how to inspire and cultivate the leadership of those focused on social change. It shows how to take… Read more

New book set: Grammar

New in the library! Basic grammar in use: self-study reference and practice for students of North American English: with answers. 3rd ed. by Raymond Murphy with William R. Smalzer (2011). Designed for beginning to low-intermediate students of English, this book contains 116 units. Each unit is about a different point of English grammar. It is… Read more

New books by Grass Roots Press

Biographies Two new Canadian biographies in the Grass Roots Press Maple Leaf series, both written by Terry Barber. Photo illustrations complement the text in these Fry reading level 2 books. Michaëlle Jean. Michaëlle Jean and her family fled Haiti to escape Duvalier’s regime. She came to Canada as a refugee. Michaëlle worked as a journalist… Read more

New books: PRACE Page turners

New titles in the popular reading series: Red dog. Page turners, series 4. Story by Anne Dunn; pictures by Moira Hanrahan (2009). Red Dog was a real dog who lived in the Australian outback.  He travelled so much, all on his own, that he became famous.  This is his story.  Fry reading level: 1. The… Read more

New in the library – February 2012

The New in the Library page has been updated.  See what’s new in the library for February 2012. To borrow any of these books, email