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New book: Thinking, fast and slow

New in the library! Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman (2011). This book explores “the two systems that drive the way we think and the way we make choices. System 1 is fast, intuitive, and emotional; System 2 is slower, more deliberative, and more logical.” It looks at the benefits and flaws of both… Read more

New series: What’s next?

What’s next?: a multilevel phonics approach for ESL students. (Series) by Lia Conklin (2012). What’s next? is a two-level reading series designed for multilevel English classes. The stories follow a young woman through her early days learning English. There are 4 student books at the introductory level and 4 student books at the low-beginning level…. Read more

New book about formative assessment

New in the library! Transforming formative assessment in lifelong learning by Kathryn Ecclestone with Jennie Davies, Jay Derrick and Judith Gawn (2010). Based on an in-depth, three year study in Britain, this book looks at what formative assessment is, the impact of social and political factors on assessment practices, the reason similar assessment practices have… Read more

New in the library: books about Fundraising

Two new (to us) titles on fundraising: Beyond fundraising: new strategies for nonprofit innovation and investment (2nd ed.) by Kay Sprinkel Grace (2005). This resource is a guide to help volunteers and staff to practice fundraising as the culmination of a multi-step development process and to involve funders in a relationship based on shared values,… Read more

New book: Working with volunteers

New in the library! The volunteer management handbook: leadership strategies for success. 2nd ed. edited by Tracy Daniel Connors (2012). This comprehensive guide to establishing and maintaining an active and effective volunteer program contains practical guidance for the major areas of volunteer management including volunteer demographics, volunteer program leaders and managers, policy making and implementation,… Read more

New books: Using photographs

Two different approaches to using photography to enhance literacy skills: Literacy & justice through photography: a classroom guide by Wendy Ewald, Katherine Hyde,and Lisa Lord (2012). This guide shows how to integrate four field-tested Literacy Through Photography projects into the curriculum for school classrooms. Each project offers an introduction followed by a step-by-step look at… Read more

New book about creative arts and adult learning

New in the library! New Pathways to Learning by Mary Norton (2010) is a resource book for creative arts and adult learning. It is designed for adult educators who are interested in using visual arts, movement, music and other creative arts to support learning. The first part of the book introduces creative arts and how… Read more

New book in the library: Girl Time

New in the library! Girl time: literacy, justice, and the school-to-prison pipeline by Maisha T. Winn (2011). This book is based on the author’s experiences with formerly incarcerated girls participating in Girl Time, a program created by a theatre company that conducts playwriting and performance workshops in youth detention centers. “The book describes some of… Read more

New book about game shows and learning

New in the library! I’ll take learning for 500: using game shows to engage, motivate, and train by Dan Yaman and Missy Covington (2006). This book is designed to help teachers and trainers select, create, modify, and use game shows as a fun and effective learning tool. It is organized in four sections: the rationale… Read more

New book about teaching students to ask questions

New in the library! Make Just One Change: Teach students to ask their own questions by Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana (2011). This book is based on the idea that formulating questions is an essential skill for learning. It presents the Question Formulation Technique, a concise tool that enables learners to produce their own questions,… Read more