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Workplace Wednesday: Career Essentials series

Grass Roots Press has released a new series aimed at students who are exploring career paths in the health sector. The Career Essentials series looks at three careers: health care aides, lab assistants, and massage therapists. Each book provides personal stories and interviews that capture the real-life experiences of college students in training and their… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Spam

Spam is unwanted online communication, the electronic equivalent of junk mail. Most commonly, it’s unsolicited email. But you can also receive text message spam, instant message spam, and social networking spam. Do you know how to recognize it? Take the FightSpam quiz here. (There’s a version for individuals and a version for businesses and organizations)…. Read more

Learning to Love Math

One of the new books featured in this month’s New in the Library list is Learning to Love Math: teaching strategies that change student attitudes and get results by Judy Willis. Willis is a neurologist and educator and her suggestions are based on research about how the brain learns. The book includes strategies for improving… Read more

Linguistic genius of babies

Want to know how babies learn one language over another? Here’s a TED talk that discusses recent research. Many Languages, Building Connections: supporting infants and toddlers who are dual language learners by Karen Nemeth is written for caregivers of children younger than three. It presents information on how language develops and how cultural differences can… Read more

Walking a Balanced Path

New in the library! Walking a Balanced Path is a health and wellness program designed for First Nations health organizations and other community organizations supporting First Nation participants to make lifestyle changes to strengthen personal and family wellness. Developed by the Department of Community Development and Outreach at Capilano University, it is designed to help… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: Literacy Express

The latest issue of CLLN’s Literacy Express (Winter 2013/14) is now available. The theme is Workplace LES Training: Connecting Supply and Demand. It’s a quick and interesting read. The interview about the Advancing Workplace Learning project mentions Decoda’s Embedding handbook, Embedding Literacy and Essential Skills: Lessons from our Research, as a great introduction to embedding… Read more

Tech Tuesday: ScribJab

Newly introduced, ScribJab is multilanguage website and iPad app for children, aged 10 to 13. Designed at Simon Fraser University, it is a tool for reading, creating and sharing multilingual digital stories. Here’s how it works: To learn more, visit the ScribJab website.

It’s Family Literacy Day today!

It’s Family Literacy Day! Take 15 minutes today to have fun learning with your family. We’ve blogged this month about fun things to do together that promote literacy and learning. For more ideas, browse our 5 Family Fun Sheets. You’ll find more ideas for learning outdoors, in the kitchen, during daily routines, through storytelling, and… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Watching Stories

Today, in the last blog post before Family Literacy Day, we’re looking at one activity combining children and media – watching stories on television. While television viewing has been shown to have both positive and negative influences on children, it is definitely an activity that most children participate in. Recent American research indicates that television… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Water Play

Playing with water is a wonderful way for children to experiment, discover and learn. There are lots of ways to play with water and lots of things to learn through this kind of open-ended play. It’s easy to do. Use containers (buckets, large plastic containers or basins, sinks and bathtubs) filled with water. Provide things… Read more