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Office ergonomics

NAOSH Week is a good opportunity to remind ourselves about health and safety in an office environment. Part of that is organizing our physical work environment in a way that prevents injury. WorkSafeBC has a guide on How to Make your Computer Workstation Fit You. It includes advice on taking breaks, micro-pauses and exercises to… Read more


This week is North American Occupational Safety and Health Week. It’s a week for employers, employees, and the public to focus on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community. This year’s theme is Make Safety a Habit. To see some of the activities happening in BC,… Read more

LEGO Foundation IDEA Conference

Play in all its rich variety is one of the highest achievements of the human species, alongside language, culture and technology. Indeed, without play, none of these other achievements would be possible. The value of play is increasingly recognised, by researchers and within the policy arena, for adults as well as children, as the evidence… Read more

TD Canadian Children’s Book Week

May 3, 2014 to May 10, 2014 is TD Canadian Children’s Book Week. The theme this year is Read to Remember, commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I. A free theme guide with 70 recommended books for different age groups including activities for using these books in classrooms or libraries is available online. To… Read more

Workplace writing tips

Earlier this week, the Globe and Mail published an article on eight writing strategies for people who say they can’t write. This was directed particularly at people who need to do business writing. But, the ideas are good for all reluctant writers. There are even more tips for workplace writing available from the Decoda library…. Read more

Workplace Wednesday: Essential Skills for the Knowledge Economy

Here’s a video clip that was shown at the LEGO Foundation IDEA conference earlier this month. It highlights the importance of the essential skills of thinking, working with others, and communication in the knowledge economy. Education Documentary Clip from One Potato Productions on Vimeo.

Tech Tuesday: Impact of technology on reading

Digital text is becoming more popular. It’s still early days to know all the benefits and drawbacks of reading digital material. But, the conversation is interesting. Here are a few of the more recent ideas: The reading brain in the digital age: the science of paper versus screens (2013) – This article from Scientific American… Read more

Safety and Health at Work

Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This year’s theme is Safety and Health in the Use of Chemicals at Work. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has produced a report reviewing the current situation regarding the use of chemicals and their impact in workplaces and the environment, including various national, regional, and… Read more

7 Things to Remember about Classroom Feedback

Feedback, both giving and receiving, is an important part of learning. Earlier this month, Edudemic shared ASCD’s 7 Things to Remember About Classroom Feedback: 1. Feedback is not advice, praise or evaluation. Feedback is information about how we are doing in our efforts to reach a goal. 2. If students know the classroom is a… Read more

Five Numbers to Remember about Early Childhood Development

Here are five numbers to remember about early childhood development from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University: Click here to discover what these numbers mean.