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Tech Tuesday: ScribJab

Newly introduced, ScribJab is multilanguage website and iPad app for children, aged 10 to 13. Designed at Simon Fraser University, it is a tool for reading, creating and sharing multilingual digital stories. Here’s how it works: To learn more, visit the ScribJab website.

It’s Family Literacy Day today!

It’s Family Literacy Day! Take 15 minutes today to have fun learning with your family. We’ve blogged this month about fun things to do together that promote literacy and learning. For more ideas, browse our 5 Family Fun Sheets. You’ll find more ideas for learning outdoors, in the kitchen, during daily routines, through storytelling, and… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Watching Stories

Today, in the last blog post before Family Literacy Day, we’re looking at one activity combining children and media – watching stories on television. While television viewing has been shown to have both positive and negative influences on children, it is definitely an activity that most children participate in. Recent American research indicates that television… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Water Play

Playing with water is a wonderful way for children to experiment, discover and learn. There are lots of ways to play with water and lots of things to learn through this kind of open-ended play. It’s easy to do. Use containers (buckets, large plastic containers or basins, sinks and bathtubs) filled with water. Provide things… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are games where participants are challenged to search for items on a list. The hunts are fun that can be adapted to any age group. And they’re easy to do – decide where you’ll have your hunt, decide if participants are individuals or teams, make a list of items to find, decide what… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Cooking together

Cooking together is about more than making tasty food. It’s a great activity to do with children of all ages. And, while they’re cooking, they’re learning: To count and measure ingredients To follow directions in a recipe New words To talk about the taste, texture, colour and temperature of food That mixing ingredients together makes… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Family stories

“Family stories can be told nearly anywhere. They cost us only our time, our memories, our creativity. They can inspire us, protect us, and bind us to others. So be generous with your stories, and be generous in your stories. Remember that your children may have them for a lifetime.” – Elaine Reese Telling children… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Singing together

I’m a Little Teapot. Head and Shoulder, Knees and Toes. Itsy Bitsy Spider. Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Wheels on the Bus. Babies love to hear these songs and more. When they’re older, they love to sing these songs with you. Action songs, where movement accompanies the singing, are even more… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Photo stories

Today’s activity is using photos of your child and your family to create a story. You can use one photo and have your child create a story that you print to go with it. Or, you can use a series of photos of a favourite activity or special event to illustrate your story. Read it… Read more

15 Minutes of Family Fun – Meal times

Meal times are a great opportunity to do more than eat a healthy diet. Take time to enjoy new foods and talk during dinner. Enhancing this one daily routine can result in big benefits. While eating with their family, children can learn: To try new foods To take turns To be part of a conversation… Read more