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Tech Tuesday: Computer Literacy Resources

If you’re teaching someone new to computers and/or social media, the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy has created a very popular series of field-tested lessons plans and workbooks that you can use. They include the following topics: Caring for your computer Getting to know your computer Shopping safely online Using Facebook Using Gmail Using Skype… Read more

Adult Learners’ Week 2014

This year Adult Learners’ Week is taking place from March 29th to April 6th. It’s an opportunity to celebrate lifelong learning. We’ll start today with sharing the stories of some adult learners in British Columbia – their hard work and their successes. Literacy and Learning Build Confidence and Parenting Skills Literacy – One Family’s Journey… Read more

Emergent writing

Children are learning to write long before they start school. Their first attempts at communicating by making marks and drawing are the start of learning to write. The development of writing skills generally progresses in this order: Drawing – Uses drawing to communicate a message. Scribbling – Scribbling resembles writing and is intended as writing. Pretend… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: Vocational English

New in the library! The Pearson Longman Vocational English series is designed to meet the English language needs of learners training for or working in specialized fields. Written by industry practitioners, they combine a strong grammar syllabus with the specialized vocabulary and skills needed for working in a particular career. Each book is accompanied by… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Readability Test Tool

How readable is your writing? Here’s a quick and easy way of testing readability– the Readability Test Tool. Cut and paste or type the text (or paste a URL) into the tool, press the ‘calculate’ button and the results of 6 different tests are displayed. There’s also a visual display. According to the test, this… Read more

International Day for the Elimination of Racism

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Embrace BC has created two new resources to address racism: Unlearn Racism is a multimedia tool designed for youth, 12-16 years of age. Through exploring six myths of racism, this tool provides an opportunity to question how personal biases are formed. A discussion guide… Read more

Community Tool Box

Want to learn more about working with communities? The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource with comprehensive information on taking action in communities. A public service of the University of Kansas, it has been continuously developed since 1994. The vision behind the Community Tool Box is that people — locally and globally —… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: FIMESIP

The First Nations, Inuit and Métis Essential Skills Inventory Project (FIMESIP) is designed to increase understanding of the state of practice with respect to Essential Skills (ES) initiatives tailored to First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth and adults in Canada. This project has created an inventory of programs/resources that have an Aboriginal focus and address… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Literacy blogs from BC

A blog is a personal website or web page on which a person records thoughts, opinions, and links to other web resources on a regular basis. There are a number of adult literacy blogs to follow. Here’s a sample of a few made in BC blogs. Their variety shows the breadth and depth of adult… Read more

St. Patrick’s Day

To commemorate St. Patrick’s Day, today we’re highlighting short novels from bestselling Irish authors. All these titles are available in the Decoda Library. An Accident Waiting to Happen by Vincent Banville (2002) Private detective John Blaine is back treading Dublin’s mean streets. With his marriage now on track, and little baby Emily to keep his… Read more