Family Literacy

Family Literacy…

“Family literacy refers to the way parents, children, and extended family members use literacy at home and in the community. Family literacy occurs naturally during the routines of daily living and helps children and adults get things done.”

Literacy is especially important when it comes to children and families. When families learn together, they build good habits around literacy and learning, share ideas, build strong family connections, develop independent thinking and gain confidence.

What are Family Literacy Programs?

Family literacy programs help parents to support their children’s learning and literacy development. Some programs also directly help parents to improve their own literacy or parenting skills. Many programs include “circle times” where parents and children engage in stories, songs and rhymes that support language development. Others provide learning activities that can be replicated at home. Programs that help parent’s develop their own literacy skills also provide supports, such as childcare services. Family literacy programs are usually operated by community service organizations, libraries and literacy organizations.

“The family program I go to is really amazing because it helps children develop their knowledge. My kids love to sing and listen to stories…this is the first important step for a better future for my kids.”                                                                                                                  – Gwen, Burnaby, B.C.

What does Decoda do to support family literacy?

Resources & Training: For parents, caregivers and practitioners, we offer a number of resources and professional development opportunities designed specifically for early learning and family literacy. Our Parents as Literacy Supporters (PALS) program and LEAP resources are widely respected and used extensively throughout the province and the country.

Fundraising & Awareness: We work with donors and our partners in business and government to fund family literacy programs across the province. We also raise awareness about the importance of family literacy through two community engagement campaigns, Literacy is Life and Family Literacy Week and through our partnership with Postmedia and their Raise-a-Reader Campaign.