Do you know how to quickly find a word or phrase on a web page? Try pressing Control-F (or CMD-F, on a Mac). A little search bar will pop up at the bottom of the screen. (This handy shortcut is the same one you can use to find a word or phrase in a Word… Read more


Tech Tuesday: Five Home Computer Tips

Ever wondered what best practices are for using your home computer online? Here are five useful tips from Decoda’s IT specialist, Derek. 1) Personal Profiles: Create a separate user profile/account on your home PC for your work activities that is completely different from your personal/family account. Make this work account a ‘non-administrator’ account. This will… Read more

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Tech Tuesday: Internet scavenger hunts

It’s Tech Tuesday, highlighting resources on literacy, technology, and the digital world. Internet scavenger hunts can be used as a teaching tool for digital literacy. They teach skills such as how to find information on the Internet and how to navigate a website. The content can be customized to learner interests and skill level. Tech… Read more