Getting to Know Your iPad

Getting to Know Your iPad lessons is another popular digital literacy resource from the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. Learn the basics for getting started, using email, contacts and calendars, photos, Facebook, communicating using Facetime and iMessages and more. This field-tested and popular curriculum includes a workbook as well as facilitator’s notes. The same easy… Read more


Do you know how to quickly find a word or phrase on a web page? Try pressing Control-F (or CMD-F, on a Mac). A little search bar will pop up at the bottom of the screen. (This handy shortcut is the same one you can use to find a word or phrase in a Word… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Five Home Computer Tips

Ever wondered what best practices are for using your home computer online? Here are five useful tips from Decoda’s IT specialist, Derek. 1) Personal Profiles: Create a separate user profile/account on your home PC for your work activities that is completely different from your personal/family account. Make this work account a ‘non-administrator’ account. This will… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Internet scavenger hunts

It’s Tech Tuesday, highlighting resources on literacy, technology, and the digital world. Internet scavenger hunts can be used as a teaching tool for digital literacy. They teach skills such as how to find information on the Internet and how to navigate a website. The content can be customized to learner interests and skill level. Tech… Read more