Building a culture of community-based literacy & learning

Working with 100 literacy outreach coordinators in over 400 communities across British Columbia, we are building a culture of community-based literacy and learning in British Columbia. With your support and the support of our partners, we help form community task groups to identify and address local literacy challenges and priorities.

Task groups are made up of individuals representing literacy organizations, school districts, colleges, a variety of service providers and other stakeholders. They work together to identify local literacy priorities and implement plans that support community members of all ages. Through literacy development, individuals, families and communities become stronger and more resilient.

For our definition of community literacy, click here.

Learning Together

One of the wonderful things about community-based literacy programs is the flexibility to create programs that suit the needs of the community and its members. In some programs people of different ages learn together. These intergenerational literacy programs are held in communities across BC. In ONE TO ONE and Fostering Literacy programs across the province,… Read more

Donor Spotlight: RBC provides a “lift” to Syrian families attending literacy programs

This year, 38 Syrian parents and 76 children new to B.C. will have an easier time accessing IPALS (Immigrant Parents As Literacy Supporters) programs thanks to RBC.  A grant of $9,800 will help pay for bus fare, session materials and snacks for families attending literacy programs in Vancouver and Langley. In addition, 25 Syrian adults… Read more

Ambassador Group Empowers People Through Technology

Imagine living on a fixed or very limited income, with little technological knowledge, and being completely unable to access important resources like e-government. This is a reality for many residents in communities such as the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. In our fast-paced world, lack of access to technology is a growing issue, as more and… Read more

Selling Jewellery for Literacy

Interested in fundraising for your local community literacy program? Here’s the story of someone who held a jewellery fundraiser for literacy! Pat Campbell, who has been involved in community-based literacy programs for more than 30 years, explains a creative fundraising idea that resulted in supporting literacy by many residents of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia…. Read more