The Time I Was New to BC, Canada

I came to Canada 1.5 years ago. And it was like a fairy tale. It was spring and everything was green and flowering. But the fairy tale ended before it began. The husband, who sponsored me and my daughter did not want to help me to adapt in a new country. He wanted me to stay at home and did all the housework and taking care of our daughter without money, without love, with threats and insults. But I could not live like this. I had a smartphone, the internet, and facebook. In Facebook, I found very helpful the group on my language. Here I found a huge amount of information, ranging from “where to go take the test for the free courses” and “there are LINC and MOZAIC schools with free daycare”, ending with “what did my husband called the abuse” and more.

I consult with mediators and lawyers for free with a translator for free. I learned my rights, but it did not change my situation. So I again turned to Facebook and found here information about the multicultural center. And it was the beginning of my new life. This was the real beginning of Life in Canada. I started going to classes, my daughter started to going to daycare. Not a month passes, we fled to a shelter, where we have lived for more than three months. In school, we were given the time and when we came back to school , I returned to my place in the classroom and daughter returned to her place in the daycare. Now we live in an apartment provided to us, we get help and support from the government, which we do not even pay taxes yet !!! This is amazing!!

My English is growing. And I have a plan to go to college and get a local diploma. I want to work here for the same profession as that of my own country. And I think I will do it because I live in an amazing country, in CANADA!

This story is Elena’s submission about overcoming a challenge which was submitted to our Literacy is Life contest in September, 2016.

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