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Windows 10

Looking for tips on working with Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system? Click here for more free Windows 10 tutorials on GCFLearnFree.

Culture of Evaluation

Whether you are starting to plan an evaluation of your program or organization or are looking for ideas to improve your current evaluations, the eight online modules on Developing a Culture of Evaluation can offer you valuable input. These modules were developed by Community Literacy of Ontario and Literacy Link South Central in their Developing… Read more

Sock it to Literacy!

Buy locally and support literacy in your community! Wear these comfy purple socks on UNESCO International Literacy Day on September 8th – and share on social media! Buy my socks

What Literary Character Are You?

Here’s a bit of Friday fun – Have you ever been so involved in a story that you imagined yourself as the protagonist? Or have you ever read a book where you relate so strongly to a character that you think the author may have used you for inspiration? Or maybe you’ve just had one… Read more

Bosa Properties Foundation

Literacy is a key that opens so many doors in life—that’s why the Bosa Properties Foundation supports Decoda Literacy Solutions. Bosa Properties Foundation is a proud supporter of the Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters (IPALS) program. Visit website

Read books, live longer

Newly released research indicates that people who read books live longer. To learn more on this research, read The best reason for reading? Book lovers live longer, scientists say.

Literacy is Life Contest

Tell us your literacy story! Submit it online or by social media, and you can win a great prize! Get all of the details on this page. Read more

Power of Partnerships to Enhance Literacy

Anne Cooper, former school superintendent in Revelstoke, explains how community partnerships and collaborative strategic planning were essential to effecting lasting change in her community. Watch the video to see how Revelstoke became the district with the highest graduation rates in British Columbia.

The Neuroscience of Pokémon Go

Introduced this summer, Pokémon Go has been in the news since people started playing it. This augmented reality game has surpassed Twitter in popularity. Why is it so popular? The Neuroscience of Pokémon Go offers four ideas from neuroscience.

Photos as a Teaching Tool

Photographs can be useful visual teaching tools, provoking thought, inspiring discussion and prompting writing. Where can you find photographs that you can use that won’t infringe copyright? Here are a few ideas: Take photos yourself or have students take photos. Use a book of photos that are intended for use as learning tools, such as… Read more