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Destination Imagination

Are you looking for a team project for children that encourages curiosity, creativity, patience, flexibility, persistence, respect for others and their ideas, and collaborative problem solving? Destination Imagination is an educational non-profit that develops project-based learning programs blending STEM with arts and social entrepreneurship. Each year new academic challenges are created. Students work in teams… Read more

To Raise a Reader

Today marks the start of Raise-a-Reader Week! One of the clearest pieces of advice for raising a reader is to read to a child. Many parents do just that, but may stop once a child can read on their own. Doug Lemov on how to ‘push the margins’ of what children can read is a… Read more

Teach Adults to Read Using Newspapers

Looking for tips and strategies for using current events with your adult students? Teach Adults to Read with News Stories: Part 1 describes five teaching strategies you can use with easy to read news stories: 1. Stump the teacher 2. Write creative journal entries 3. Literal and inferential questions 4. Tell the teacher 5. Sound… Read more

Ambassador Group Empowers People Through Technology

Imagine living on a fixed or very limited income, with little technological knowledge, and being completely unable to access important resources like e-government. This is a reality for many residents in communities such as the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. In our fast-paced world, lack of access to technology is a growing issue, as more and… Read more

Answers May Vary

Answers May Vary was a Bow Valley College project that looked at literacy strategies, resources and effective practices for adult learners with developmental disabilities. The research findings led to the creation of two practical guides: Answers May Vary Guidebook: Incorporating Literacy & Other Essential Skills into Daily Life for Adults with Disabilities  is an easy… Read more

Library news

Thanks to the enthusiastic response of Decoda Literacy Library borrowers, 209 resources were circulated last week. The library is now closed until after Thanksgiving. The three lucky winners in our library draw are Katie Andruschuk, Sandra McLellan , and Mary Ann Snowden. They will each receive a cozy pair of Literacy is Life purple socks…. Read more

The Benefits of Reading with Your Child

Raise-a-Reader Week starts next week and runs from September 22nd to 29th. Reading with children does more than develop language skills. The Cleveland Clinic has created an infographic that outlines the benefits of reading to children and offers tips to make reading a part of playtime and bedtime. Click the image below to see the… Read more

Preparing for an Earthquake

Two resources released this year help teach students about getting ready for an earthquake. The Earthquake Preparedness Unit was developed by LISTN for adult ESL students at Canadian Language Benchmark Levels 4 and 5. The Unit consists of four core lessons, each 1.5 hours long: • Introduction: Preparing for an Earthquake • Workshop: An Emergency… Read more

LEAP – English Translation

format: PDF

Download the English translation key to in one PDF. Download the cards here (2MB, PDF).

In the Workplace and In the Community

Bow Valley College and NorQuest College in Alberta collaborated to create two new e-textbooks for immigrant adult learners who require English language programming. They are open educational resources and freely available. In the Workplace: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook In the Community: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook The e-textbooks target learning materials at Canadian Language… Read more