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When you hear a word, do you see a colour? Do words you read have a taste? Synesthesia is a perceptual condition in which two senses that are usually experienced separately are involuntarily joined together. To learn more about it, watch What colour is Tuesday? To learn more, click here for the full TED-Ed lesson.

Handwriting as a Foundational Skill

Has technology eliminated the need to develop handwriting skills? Research indicates that handwriting is more than a means of recording information. It is important to learning. Read Why Handwriting is Still Essential in the Keyboarding Age and Handwriting in the 21st Century for summaries of recent research. Most of the resources on learning handwriting are… Read more

Scrabble Words Quiz

Playing Scrabble is not just about a large vocabulary. Good strategy also involves knowing two letter words, q-without-u words, and words that can be expanded with the addition of one of two letters. Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of some strategic Scrabble words. Click the image to go to the Great Scrabble Words… Read more

Math Science Music

Math Science Music is a toolkit of online teaching resources that uses music to teach math and science to students of all ages. Introduced earlier this year, it gives teachers access to digital resources that use beats, grooves and melodies to teach students the mechanisms of math, coding and science. Here’s a video from the… Read more

Preparing for an Earthquake

Two resources released this year help teach students about getting ready for an earthquake. The Earthquake Preparedness Unit was developed by LISTN for adult ESL students at Canadian Language Benchmark Levels 4 and 5. The Unit consists of four core lessons, each 1.5 hours long: • Introduction: Preparing for an Earthquake • Workshop: An Emergency… Read more

The effect of cellphones

Cellphones are everywhere. They help us communicate and stay connected. Information flows to them and from them. They have multiple uses and there are many benefits to using them. But, cellphone use also has some unintended, less positive consequences. To learn more about how cellphones may affect your productivity and sense of well-being, read Annie… Read more

The Lost Lending Library

Here’s a library I’d like to visit! To learn more about this magical project, click here.

Your Age by the Books You’ve Read?

You can tell a lot about people by the books they read. Do you think someone can guess your age based on your reading list? Click the image below to take the quiz and find out.

Our Invisible Neighbours

Adults who lack basic literacy skills must overcome incredible barriers just to get through daily life, but most people would never know that these people have difficulty reading. As a volunteer tutor for over 20 years, Erin Howarth shares the invisible struggles and triumphs of adult literacy learners.

Learning Disabilities in Adults

Are you working with adults who may have a learning disability? Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy has created two resources: Finding Our Own Way: Adult and Learning Disabilities: A guide for finding learning success for adult learners and Toolkit: Current Best Practices and Supportive Interventions for Learners and Clients with Learning Disabilities for practitioners. While the services… Read more