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Literacy is Life

By Tran Huong My name is Huong, I am from Vietnam. I am learning in LINC [Language Instruction for New Canadians] 5 at Windsor school. My teacher is Craita.  I came here 2 years ago. The first time when I came here, I couldn’t communicate with everyone here, everything was strange with me, the culture, human, religious… Read more

A Fresh Start

A time I overcame many difficult challenges, had trouble learning, failed a grade, and went back to school after a long period of time: It all started when I was born with Eustationary tube dysfunction which creates major ear problems. As a result, my learning was delayed. Public school is where I failed as a… Read more

Story of an Adult Literacy Student

Earlier this year, The Secret Lives of Americans TV documentary series included a segment on Cleo, a loving and supportive mother from Alabama who has always encouraged her children to pursue their educational goals — all while struggling to share her own literacy issues with her family. In this video she talks about the impact… Read more

The Time I Didn’t Understand a Language or Culture

By Lisa Yuan Four years ago, I came to Canada.  Everything is fresh for me here.  I like beautiful flowers, ocean, mountains and all kinds of houses.  But I didn’t understand English.  I was upset. After a few months, I went to the government paid ELSA classes to study English.  The ELSA teachers are nice… Read more

Overcoming a Challenge and Getting a Fresh Start

By Jessica Roberts-Farina It was cold and I walked with a cane. I was only 28. In January 2014, I lived in Edmonton, sick and jobless. I moved to the northern clime in September 2012, following my partner, both of us struggling in the brutal job market in Vancouver. Finding work was not a problem,… Read more

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Which One Doesn’t Belong? is a website that provides though-provoking math puzzles. Each puzzle consists of four images. For each puzzle the question is the same – which one doesn’t belong? There are no answers provided because for each set of four images, there is more than one right answer. The only test of being… Read more

Getting to Know Your iPad

Getting to Know Your iPad lessons is another popular digital literacy resource from the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. Learn the basics for getting started, using email, contacts and calendars, photos, Facebook, communicating using Facetime and iMessages and more. This field-tested and popular curriculum includes a workbook as well as facilitator’s notes. The same easy… Read more

My experience of driving tests in Canada

By Mei Sun When I first time arrived in Canada I was excited, curious and nervous. I didn’t understand a lot of things. I felt very sad. I thought “I must change the situation. I need to meet new friends and learn more about different culture.” So we decided to buy new car, but the… Read more

The time I was new to BC/CANADA

By James Li When I was new to Vancouver in 2012, I felt strange and novel. It was such a quiet city, not many people, not much traffic and not many shops in the street. It didn’t feel like the city in China. I didn’t even know where to buy foods and daily supplies. I… Read more

Awareness of Adult Literacy Issues

During the summer, ProLiteracy conducted a survey looking at American public awareness of adult literacy and adult basic education. Four highlights are summarized in the infographic below.   Click the image to view a larger version. The results show the need to increase public awareness of the impact of low adult literacy and the availability… Read more