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TELUS Internet for Good

Find out more about the TELUS Internet for Good program in this section. Read more

Fostering Literacy Project

Find out more about our Fostering Literacy Project, which offers literacy supports for BC children who are struggling with reading. Read More

Strengthening Rural Canada

Decoda is a partner in the national Strengthening Rural Canada Initiative. Click the button below to be redirected to the project homepage. Read More

Workforce Literacy and Essential Skills Strategy

The British Columbia Workforce Literacy and Essential Skills Strategy is a plan designed to provide future generations of adult learners with literacy and essential skills to thrive in the workforce. Read More

Health and Safety Curriculum

Literacy is an important factor in workplace health and safety. We’ve developed a workplace health and safety curriculum, called Building Resilient Workers, which is downloadable for free in this section and can be purchased in our e-store. READ MORE

Clear Language and Design

Clear Language and Design is a way of writing and laying out documents that puts the reader first. See our past and current work about how we help organizations achieve the highest standards of readability and comprehension.Read More