Children and Families

Children and Families

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Commonly Confused Words

In the English language, there are several words that look or sound alike, but have very different meanings. This can cause confusion. Source: Of course, there are more than 12 words or phrases that are often misused. To find out about some of the others, read: 20 Misused Words That Make Smart People Look… Read more

Let’s Talk About Math!

Children’s brains are ready to understand number concepts earlier than many people expect. A little encouragement that is playful and part of everyday life can boost their learning. Let’s Talk About Math is a guide to introducing young children to math concepts and words. It shows how easy it can be to talk about math… Read more

New in the Library! February 2019

The Decoda Literacy Library continuously adds titles to the collection. Here’s a sample of the newest additions: Find a list of all the newly added titles here. The Decoda Library is open to all adults in BC. We will mail the loans to you for free. Register to borrow here. To request any of the… Read more

The Power of Play

Today is Global School Play Day! It’s a day that emphasizes the importance of unstructured play for children. Last month, CBC Nature of Things released The Power of Play, a documentary that underlines the importance of unstructured play. You can watch the full episode online. Here’s a sample. For links to more information on unstructured… Read more

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day! This year’s theme is “Together for a better internet”, with a focus on working together to create a better internet for everyone, especially young users. In Canada, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection is highlighting Zoe & Molly Online, an interactive website designed for eight to ten year olds to… Read more

Math and Indigenous Basket Weaving

Students and alumni from Simon Fraser University’s mathematics department have created a new app that can teach math using basket weaving patterns of the Tla’amin Nation residing on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. Designed for students from grades 5-12, it has the two fold purpose of increasing awareness of traditional Coast Salish basket weaving practices… Read more

The Enchanted Hour

Just in time for World Read Aloud Day, the Decoda Library has added a copy of The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction to its collection. It’s an in-depth, readable exploration of the power of reading aloud – for all ages. For some hints about the book’s contents,… Read more

Reading Aloud

Today is the 10th anniversary of World Read Aloud Day! It’s a time to celebrate and advocate for literacy by reading aloud. This video from the Vancouver Public Library summarizes for parents the why and how of reading together. For more tips to boost your read aloud experience, read: Making the Most of Reading Aloud:… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – February 2019

The February edition of The Westcoast Reader is available now! It has articles about the Vancouver Canucks’ Elias Pettersson, how to fold a paper heart, the last Indigenous family in Yuquot, and more… You can find the Teachers’ Notes for this issue online. For subscription information, or to find out if your group qualifies to… Read more

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day! It’s part of a campaign that promotes mental health awareness, acceptance and action. Did you know that one in five Canadians will suffer from mental illness at some time in their life? Stigma is still a large hurdle for anyone suffering from mental illness. It can prevent them from… Read more