Hop™ Early Learning Practitioners Resource

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The Hop™ Early Learning Practitioners Resource is a handbook for community services providers and other professionals who work with families with children ages three to five years. It provides guidelines for using LEAP BC™ resources with young children in early learning settings, as well as background information on healthy child development.

Download Hop™ Early Learning Practitioners Resource


Hop™ Family Resource

Children learn through play, and they do best when learning is active.

Hop is designed for early learning practitioners, caregivers and families as they interact with children who are three to five years old. Part of the LEAP BC™ family of resources, The Hop™ Family Resource includes 50 fun-filled activities and ideas for play that integrate physical movement, oral language, early literacy and healthy eating.

In addition to the free online download, you now also have the option to order a hard copy of the Hop™ Family Resource for $15 plus taxes, shipping & handling charges. To order the Hop™ Family Resource please contact:

Decoda Literacy Solutions
Fax: 604.681.3006
Phone: 604.681.4199 ext. 403

Download Hop™ Family Resource in PDF (121 pages)

Download HOP Family Resource

Hop activity cards

In response to feedback from families and early learning practitioners, individual cards have been developed based on the activities in the Hop™ Family Resource book.