Computers and Technology

This section contains tip sheets, workbooks and lesson plans for learners who wish to increase their digital literacy.

TELUS WISE articles, videos and tips

Browse through WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education), informative resources developed by one of our community partners, TELUS, to help keep you and your family safe online.

Basic Computer Literacy Project

The below section contains a series of three-hour lesson plans and student workbooks on basic computer literacy for adults. This series was created by literacy practitioners for the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. Some materials have been updated; please see each document for more details.

This project is funded by Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License.

Printing tip: If you want to print any of these files, set your printing preference as “colour” (expensive) or “greyscale” (a cheaper option that will look good).