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Can You Spot the Deceptive Facebook Post?

Many people get their news from social media. Can you determine if a Facebook post is genuine or part of an influence campaign? It’s not always easy to tell the difference. Take the New York Times Can You Spot the Deceptive Facebook Post? quiz to test your skills. The answers give you tips on spotting… Read more

Science Literacy Week

Today’s the start of Science Literacy Week! It’s a week-long celebration of science and space in Canada. To see what’s happening in BC, click here. September 20th is National Science Reading Day. Teachers are invited to set aside time for science readings, including non-fiction books, science fiction novels, science-themed graphic novels, scientist’s biography, and science… Read more

Raise-a-Reader Week 2018

Today is the beginning of Postmedia’s Raise-a-Reader Week! From today until September 21st, funds are raised to support a wide variety of family and early literacy programs in BC communities. Visit the Raise-a-Reader Week webpage to donate. Throughout the week, The Vancouver Sun will feature articles on the good work that Raise-a-Reader funding supports. Canuck… Read more

Rotary Club of Vancouver: Supporting Literacy and Youth in 2018

Decoda Literacy is grateful to the Rotary Club of Vancouver for its Champion Level support of Literacy Month. The Club’s focus is to provide opportunities for school age children and young adults. For three years in a row, Decoda has received a $5,000 cheque from the Club in support of the Fostering Literacy Project. Previously,… Read more

Decoda’s Silent Reading Club

Today’s tip on the Fostering Literacy calendar is Start a book club. With that in mind, we’d like to invite you to join the impromptu, one day Decoda Silent Book Club. It’s easy to participate: Choose a book to read today. Schedule time to read the book today. Share what you’ll be reading in the… Read more

Baking and Literacy

Today’s tip on the 2018 Fostering Literacy Calendar is Bake something. Are you surprised that this is an activity that supports literacy? Food can be a very effective vehicle for learning. It is familiar and relevant for everyone. Baking, and any other food preparation, is a great activity for reinforcing literacy and numeracy skills. Preparing… Read more

Fostering Literacy Calendar 2018

Have you seen our Fostering Literacy Calendar for this September? In it, you’ll find a literacy tip for each day of the month.  Some of the suggestions will be familiar and some may surprise you. There are lots of everyday activities that foster literacy. Download it for free in an 8.5” x 11” format and… Read more

International Literacy Day 2018

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day! This year’s theme is Literacy and Skills Development. The focus will be on youth and adults within the lifelong learning framework, and the links between literacy and the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for work, including transferable and digital skills. Here’s one of the key messages: Rapidly changing labour markets… Read more

Literacy is Life Contest

What are you doing to celebrate literacy during Literacy Month?  Tell us, and you could win a prize. For more ideas on things to do, take a look at the September 2018 Fostering Literacy calendar. Read the full contest rules here.

Empowering young people for the jobs of tomorrow

Through Future Launch, RBC has generously donated $25,000 to the Fostering Literacy program. Thanks to RBC, 32 high school students in BC will be paid to tutor children who struggle with reading. For many it is their first practical work experience. Meet Destiny Speck: Fostering Literacy Tutor A year ago, Destiny wasn’t sure what career… Read more