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Halloween (and Pumpkins)

Looking for activities with a Halloween theme? Here are a few places you can find ideas: Donna Bowler’s Halloween in Canada package – Sign up for the successintesl mailing list (just email ‘yes’ to and you’ll receive some free materials including a Halloween board game and activities for High 1 to Level 3. Halloween… Read more

Staying Healthy Curriculum

Staying Healthy is an award-winning curriculum from the Florida Literacy Coalition. There are two levels. Staying Healthy for Beginners is written for EAL students at the high beginning level. Staying Healthy: An English Learner’s Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living is the original curriculum, and it is suitable for low intermediate level students and… Read more

Cyber Security Awareness Month – Week 4

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and each week has a theme. This week’s theme is Digital Citizenship in an Increasingly Digital World. The focus is on respect for property, privacy and people’s feelings to create an online culture that is positive and safe. Digital Citizenship: Guide for Parents is the feature resource. For more resources… Read more

ESL Pull-Out Kits

The Minnesota Literacy Council has developed instructions for making ESL Pull-Out Kits. Each kit addresses a specific skill area and contains a list of materials, instructions for assembling the kit, detailed instructions for activities, handouts and supporting materials. Created to support volunteer tutors, the kits were also designed to save teachers time. Teachers provide volunteers… Read more

Bedtime Story Literacy

Here’s a good video with tips for parents.

DEAR – Drop Everything and Read

October 23rd is BC School Library Day. And, it’s also the date for the Drop Everything and Read Challenge. This weekend is a good time to browse through some books and choose something to read next Monday. It’s also a good time to think of one of your usual activities you can replace with 20… Read more


Newsela is a free nonfiction reading website and an app where students can read about current events at different reading levels. The news articles are from several sources, including the Washington Post, Scientific American, the Smithsonian and PBS News Hour.  They’ve been rewritten at 5 different reading levels (measured by Lexile score), from approximately Grade… Read more

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Week 3

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and each week has a theme. This week’s theme is Privacy Protection and the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnected devices that share information online. Some of these are everyday items, including smart phones, fitness trackers, and smart cars. This week, Cybersecurity Awareness Month… Read more

Fostering Literacy – a Personal Story

Congratulations to Winnie Chien for her winning entry in our Literacy is Life contest! Contestants were asked to tell about a time they fostered literacy in their home or community. Winnie is a LINC 6 student at Educacentre College in Vancouver. Here’s her story: How I Helped My Parents Use a Smart Phone My parents… Read more

Plain Language in Business

Today is International Plain Language Day. The theme is “Improving Customer Relations“. Try the following plain language quiz from Grammarly, Can You Translate Business Jargon to Plain Language? (Click the image to go to the quiz.) You can find information on applying plain language principles to business writing in Writing at Work: how to write… Read more