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Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. This international campaign underlines the importance of being secure online, by being informed and knowing what to do protect your data online. In Canada, Cyber Security Month is organized into five weekly themes: Week 1: Our internet; our cyber security – The internet is a shared resource and cyber… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – October 2018

The October issue of The Westcoast Reader newspaper is available now. This issue has articles about a rooftop garden at the Vancouver Public Library, a forest bath, Canada’s oldest blood donor, and more. You can find the Teachers’ Notes for this issue online. For subscription information, or to find out if your group qualifies to… Read more

Baby Babble

What’s going on when babies babble? Babbling can be part of a conversation, if adults respond. And, it’s an important part of language development. For some of the recent research on baby babble and language development, read: Babies prefer the sounds of other babies to the cooing of their parents Baby Babble Turns to Talk… Read more

Residential Schools and Reconciliation

Orange Shirt Day is this coming Sunday, September 30th. It’s an opportunity to learn more about residential schools and the impact of this government policy on First Nations. The following video talks about the origins of Orange Shirt Day in Williams Lake. Resources have been developed to help teach and learn about residential schools and… Read more

Read Aloud Resources

Today’s tip on the Fostering Literacy calendar is Read aloud. Here are some how-to tips, from Kate Messner’s How to Read a Story. More tips on reading aloud are available at: Build Baby’s Brain with Books How to Read Aloud to a Child That Won’t Sit Still Read Early and Often Reading Aloud to Two… Read more

Finding and Displaying YouTube Videos in the Classroom

Are you looking for timely and relevant YouTube videos to use with students? Here’s a short video from Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers that demonstrates a handy search tool. Once you’ve found videos to share, how can you use them without the comments and sidebar video suggestions?  Read Byrne’s 5 Ways to Display… Read more

Rising to the Reading Challenges of Adult Learners

Rising to the Reading Challenges of Adult Learners: Practitioners Toolkit was developed by CanLearn Society to help practitioners work effectively with adults with reading difficulties. The toolkit provides strategies based on findings from both reading and learning disabilities research – strategies that work with all adult learners, including those with learning disabilities. It also builds… Read more

Family Scavenger Hunt

Sunday’s tip on the Fostering Literacy calendar is “Go on a scavenger hunt”. This is a fun way to embed literacy in a family activity. And, it can be done outdoors. Looking for ideas? Nature Scavenger Hunts for Kids {with free printables!} has lots of tips and suggestions for creating scavenger hunts for children of… Read more

Essential Skills

Today is Essential Skills Day! It’s a day to focus on workplace literacy and the importance of essential skills training. The essential skills are nine skills that have been identified as the key skills that are needed for work, learning and life. They are the foundation for learning all other skills. Can you name the… Read more

Celebrate Literacy!

Share how you’re celebrating literacy this month for a chance to win a prize. Enter Decoda’s Celebrate Literacy contest for Literacy Month. Deadline is the end of September. Looking for ideas on ways to celebrate? Take a look at our 2018 Fostering Literacy Calendar.