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ELL Family Coding Night

Last week, we took a quick look at young children and coding. This week, what about families and coding? How do parents help children interested in coding if they aren’t comfortable with it themselves? And, what can be done if those parents are English language learners? To address some of the barriers, researchers created a… Read more

Canadian Symbols Quiz

This Sunday, July 1st, is Canada Day. It’s a national holiday to celebrate the creation of Canada. How well do you know Canada? Test your knowledge by taking the Symbols of Canada quiz.

I’m Your Neighbor

I’m Your Neighbor is a project promoting the use of children’s books on immigration and their potential to support a conversation about who belongs, welcoming, common experiences, and celebration of difference.  As their website notes: Studies have shown that reading builds empathy and that cross-racial scenes in picture books build acceptance. The project website includes… Read more

BC People : Portraits of Diversity

Today is Canadian Multiculturalism Day! It’s an opportunity to celebrate diversity and our commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect. It’s also a time to appreciate the contributions of the various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society. British Columbia is the most ethnically diverse province in Canada. Almost 30% of BC’s four million people… Read more

Coding in Early Childhood

As the STEM Starts Early report indicated, children are born scientists.  With adult support they can develop their natural science, technology, engineering and math capacities from an early age. But, adults may not feel confident in supporting children’s STEM learning. But, as 4 Things Everyone Should Know About Early STEM Learning tells us: The good… Read more

Which Anne of Green Gables Character Are You?

Anne of Green Gables was written by Lucy Maude Montgomery in 1908. Set in Prince Edward Island, this classic Canadian novel has stood the test of time and continues to be read by many. Find out which character you most resemble by taking the Which Anne of Green Gables Character Are You? Quiz. Click the… Read more

LEGO Six Bricks

What can you do with six DUPLO bricks? Quite a lot! Six Bricks is one of the LEGO Foundation’s tools to introduce learning through play.  Through a series of short fun activities using only six coloured DUPLO bricks, young children can practice oral communication, problem solving and collaboration. To help you try out Six Bricks,… Read more

First Nation Communities Read

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day! It’s a time to celebrate the heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis.  Books written by Indigenous authors are something that you can enjoy any time of year. Every year since 2003, First Nation Communities Read has run an annual reading program. (You may… Read more

Teaching Adult Refugees

Today is World Refugee Day. This day commemorates the strength, courage and perseverance of refugees. It’s also an opportunity to remember the learning needs of refugees in literacy programs. “Refugees can have different needs in the classroom than other learners. They frequently have very urgent settlement needs; they may or may not have literacy needs… Read more

Building Consentful Tech

Your digital body is composed of the personal data, digital identity and online interactions. Do you know how that information is being used? Have you agreed to those uses? Can you remove your data? Consentful technologies are applications and spaces in which consent underlies all aspects, from the way they are developed, to how data… Read more