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Levelling Up: The Quest for Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is critical for access to public services, social well-being and economic prosperity. How is Canada doing? Levelling Up: The Quest for Digital Literacy maps the landscape of digital literacy policies and programs across Canada. This report from the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship explores the types of digital skills people are pursuing,… Read more

Gender-neutral Pronouns

Are you familiar with gender-neutral pronouns? To learn more, read: Gendered Pronouns & Singular “They” Gender-neutral Language Sheet Media Reference Guide – Discussing trans and gender-diverse people What is the Singular They, and Why Should I Use It?

Families Learning and Interacting Together (FLIT)

Looking for fun activities to do with young children? The Centre for Family Literacy in Alberta has developed a free family literacy app, FLIT, filled with a variety of fun activities that support literacy. It’s a great source of ideas for reading, recipes, rhymes and games. You can download the app on Google Play or… Read more

Peaceable Pronouns Quiz

Pronouns should agree with the words they refer to (their antecedents) in gender, number and person. Take the Peaceable Pronouns Quiz to test your understanding of pronoun agreement. If ten questions aren’t enough, try the Peaceable Pronouns 2 Quiz. These quizzes suggest the best choice for formal writing. Watch next week for a post on… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2018 – Christie Case

My summer reading wish list is unrealistically long. It’s always too long, and that’s exactly how I like it. If I can’t spend my entire summer laying on the grass reading book after book, I like to at least allow myself room to consider what I would be reading, if I could. It’s quite likely… Read more

Summer Digital Diet Plan

Do you feel that technology reduces conversation, interaction, and reading aloud in families? The Read Aloud 15 MINUTES/ASHA Popular Technology Survey Report found that many American parents feel that device use interrupts these activities. To help balance device use, try the 5-Step Summer Digital Diet Plan. You can find ideas for device-free family activities in… Read more

Kids + Steps + Sweat = Healthier Brains

For better brain health, all children and youth should be physically active on a regular basis. In addition to physical health benefits, physical activity also improves cognition, brain function and mental health. – Participaction 2018 Report Card Every year, Participaction issues a comprehensive assessment of the physical activity of Canadian children and youth. This year… Read more

Marshmallow Test Revisited

Have you heard of the Marshmallow Test? It was one of the one of the more influential pieces of research in psychology and is often considered as scientific proof for the importance of self control. And, it inspired a number of interventions (although that was not the intent of the research). The Marshmallow Test was… Read more

Can you solve the wizard standoff riddle?

For questions and more resources to accompany this Math in Real Life riddle, view the TED-Ed lesson.

Decoda Summer Reading 2018 – Tina Chau

“So many books, so little time.” This quote from Frank Zappa is how I started last year’s summer reading blog post, and it still rings true. And, I’m still using the same strategies to tackle my unrealistically long ‘to be read’ list. An article in Book Riot by a librarian who runs summer (and winter)… Read more