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Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is defined by Zero to Three as a set of parental behaviours that support a child’s capacity to love, trust, explore and learn. For a more detailed explanation, read Nine Elements That Power Positive Parenting. How does positive parenting develop the skills that children need? For more on developing these essential life skills… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – November 2018

The November issue of The Westcoast Reader newspaper is available now. This issue has articles Financial Literacy Month, the referendum on electoral reform, winners of the Literacy Month contest, and more. You can find the Teachers’ Notes for this issue online. For subscription information, or to find out if your group qualifies to receive the… Read more

Financial Literacy Month

November is Financial Literacy Month! This year’s theme is Invest in your financial well-being. This year, the month is divided into 5 weekly themes: Week 1: Invest in your financial well-being Week 2: Have a plan to pay off your debt Week 3: Make informed decisions Week 4: Start good habits early Week 5: Take… Read more

Digital Literacy 101

Looking for support in teaching students digital literacy skills such as authenticating information, managing privacy, addressing cyberbullying, and being safe online? MediaSmarts has created Digital Literacy 101, a suite of professional development resources to help Canadian educators teach students digital literacy skills.  The resources include: Digital literacy training workshops for teachers that can be either… Read more

A Practical Guide to Teaching ESL Literacy

A Practical Guide to Teaching ESL Literacy is a new resource from Bow Valley College. This in-depth guide is designed for anyone teaching ESL literacy learners. Applied research is balanced with strategies for teaching practice. Adult ESL literacy learners are learning a language and developing literacy at the same time – an incredible learning task!… Read more

Which Literary Witch Are You?

Just in time for Halloween, take the Which Literary Witch Are You? Quiz for some Friday fun. And, if one quiz isn’t enough, try Which Literary Witch are You? The Sequel!

New to Halloween?

Halloween is only a few days away. If you’re celebrating the holiday with little ones, here are some tips: Easing Infants and Toddlers into Halloween Fun: Tips from AAP Halloween safety: Tips for families Halloween Story Time: Sweet and not too scary books for family story time Is Dressing Up for Halloween Different than for… Read more

Using The Westcoast Reader

We’re proud to be publishing The Westcoast Reader and happy to see that it is being put to good use. Here’s an entry from this year’s Literacy Month contest that shows The Westcoast Reader in action. Our communication groups meet weekly throughout the year as part of the larger Victoria Stroke Recovery Association and Saanich… Read more

Using PIAAC for Reading Instruction

We’re familiar with the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) as a large scale survey, and our recent source of statistics for adult literacy rates. Did you know that the framework behind that research can also be used to guide teaching practice? Two foundational understandings supported PIAAC’s assessment work: Reading skills are… Read more

Email Writing Tips

Do you write emails everyday? Here are reminders of things you can do to improve your email communication. How to Write the Perfect Email – Tips and Tricks, a recent blog post from Grammarly, concisely covers the anatomy of a good email, common mistakes and what to do instead,  and four strategies to make your… Read more