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Building Evidence for Effective Programs

How do you build evidence for effective programs? What can be done to demonstrate that programs are effective? Child Trends, with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, has produced Building Evidence for Effective Programs, a six video series that covers the processes and principles of becoming an evidence-based program. Here’s the introductory video: The… Read more

Choices Reading Lists

Every year, thousands of children, young adults and educators around the United States select their favourite recently published books to create three recommended reading lists, the Choices Reading Lists. These lists are used in classrooms, libraries and homes to help readers of all ages find books they will enjoy. Click the images below for this… Read more

Find Your Perfect Summer Read Quiz

The summer isn’t over, so there’s still time for summer reading. Looking for a book? Take Book Riot’s Find Your Perfect Summer Read Quiz to get a suggestion.

Strength-Based Adult Education

Strength-based practice is not a huge leap for educators committed to adult learning principles. We know adults learn best when they can relate learning directly to their lived experience. They are motivated when their learning answers the questions that bother them and assists them to master specific situations in their lives. Adult educators understand the… Read more

Decoda Summer Reading 2018 – Margaret Sutherland

I read crime fiction. Quite a lot of it. Every two or three books I sprinkle in something else, a bestseller or a piece of literary fiction – often something recommended to me by the two librarians in my life, my daughter, Sarah, and our Decoda librarian, Tina. Both can be relied on to come… Read more

Facebook’s Digital Literacy Library

Facebook has launched a Digital Literacy Library. The library is an online collection of lesson plans to help 11 to 18 year olds develop skills needed to navigate the digital world, critically consume information and responsibly produce and share content. The lessons are organized in five modules: Privacy and Reputation Identity Exploration Positive Behavior Security… Read more

Financial Literacy for Newcomers

Money Management Tools for Newcomers helps new Canadians learn how to manage their money and reach their financial goals in Canada. There is a knowledge assessment tool for newcomers and a toolkit for settlement workers. The toolkit is designed to help settlement workers provide money-related information to their clients and generates customized information packets, using… Read more

How to Raise a Human

Earlier this summer, NPR launched How to Raise a Human, a special series that explores child rearing around the world – and what parenting books don’t tell us. It looks at international parenting practices as well as the latest research, looking for universal lessons about the way kids play, sleep, learn and more. Here’s a… Read more

B.C. Seniors’ Poverty Report Card

Did you know that BC has the highest rate of seniors’ poverty in Canada? Learn about this and more facts about seniors’ poverty in the B.C. Seniors’ Poverty Report Card released this summer by SPARC BC (Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia), in partnership with United Way of the Lower Mainland. The first… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2018 – Fanny Romeyn

I don’t have a favourite writer or topic; I will read anything that I think might be interesting. Before summer started this year, I had placed three books on hold at the public library and they all became available for me to read over the summer.  Good timing! The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle:… Read more