Workplace Wednesday – Workplace safety

Workplace Wednesday – Workplace safety

Workplace Wednesday – Workplace safety

Date posted: May 8, 2013

Welcome to Workplace Wednesday, connecting you with resources that link literacy, business, industry, and the workplace.

Workplace safety encompasses a large number of topics due to the variety of environments where people work. Here are a few resources for learning about workplace safety.


Common ground: English in the workplace.
Douglas Parsons and Paul Holmes. Edmonton, AB: NorQuest College, 2010.
Also available online
The training manual for Common Ground presents a ten module curriculum that is designed to help workers from outside Canada understand Canadian workplace safety policy, practice pronunciation clarity, learn about working in multicultural organizations, and expand industry-specific and idiomatic vocabulary. Each module contains suggested activities and handouts. The facilitator’s manual contains advice to English in the Workplace facilitators – both new and experienced, including working with ESL learners, lesson planning, and adapting coursework to individual needs. The employer’s guide offers a step-by-step process for establishing the program.

Key vocabulary for a safe workplace. ESL for job success.

Harry Ringel. Syracuse, NY: New Readers Press, 2000.
A tool kit designed to help ESL learners understand the essential language of workplace safety. Lessons can be used in any order and adapted to individual, pair or group setting. The student book contains all instructional and reference materials. The teacher’s guide, available separately, contains lesson activity guidelines and applications.

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OSH answers – this is a free information service provided by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety. It is a portal to updated information on biological hazards, chemicals and materials, diseases, disorders and injuries, ergonomics, health and safety programs, information resources, legislation, physical agents, prevent and control, health promotion, and safety. There is also a section on hazards in specific occupations and workplaces. Safety at work – this section of the WorkSafeBC website contains information on a large number of topics presented in a number of formats. In addition to online information, there are videos, interactive ebooks, slide shows, games, and calculators. StartSafe safety tips – This is a series of one-page bulletins developed by WorkSafeBC for specific work activities. The photos/illustrations highlight common hazards and safe work practices. Bulletins are available for forklifts, kitchens, ladders, lawn maintenance, retail, trucking and woodworking.

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