Workplace Wednesday: Transfer of learning

Workplace Wednesday: Transfer of learning

Workplace Wednesday: Transfer of learning

Date posted: May 29, 2013

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Transfer of learning is the use of skills and knowledge gained in one situation or setting to a different environment. Often it refers to training applied to the workplace. But, it can also be applied outside of job settings to learning that is applied at home and in communities.

There are two new books in the library on transfer of learning:

Learning transfer in adult education. New directions for adult and continuing education, Spring 2013.
Leann M.R. Kaiser, Karen Kaminski, Jeffrey M. Foley, eds. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2013.
This is a collection of articles that look at learning transfer is different adult education settings. It includes techniques such as experiential or problem-based learning, the use of classroom technology, perspectives of brain research, effects of race and culture, and the context of personal change.

Transfer of learning pocketbook.
Paul Donovan & John Townsend. Hants, U.K.: Management Pocketbooks, 2011.
This concise book identifies 17 factors that determine whether or not new learning in training is transferred to the workplace. It then gives 70 specific action tips, grouped into the five stages of the training process.

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