Workplace Wednesday: Career Ladders

Workplace Wednesday: Career Ladders

Workplace Wednesday: Career Ladders

Date posted: November 20, 2013

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Essential Skills Ontario, in partnership with Literacy Link South Central, The Literacy Network of Durham Region and Literacy Northwest, is exploring a ‘career ladder’ approach to workplace training. Their aim is to enable vulnerable workers to enter and follow a career pathway in any given industry in their own time.

The central premise of career ladders is that training and educational delivery should be organized as a series of incremental and stackable certificates that are aligned to progressive occupational pathways. They provide numerous entry and exit points, along with wraparound supports, in order to address scheduling and other barriers working adults often face accessing and completing training. – Essential Skills Ontario

Earlier this year, Essential Skills Ontario described the concept of career ladders in From Better Skills to Better Work: How Career Ladders can Support the Transition from Low-Skill to High-Skills Work, one of their Becoming State of the Art Research Briefs.

If you’re coming to Decoda’s conference and want to learn more about workforce literacy, talk to Diana Twiss, Decoda’s Director of Adult and Workplace Learning.

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