Today is World Book Day: Check out these new books!

Today is World Book Day: Check out these new books!

Today is World Book Day: Check out these new books!

Date posted: March 7, 2013

New in the library!

The Agatha Christie series from Collins English readers is a series of adapted versions of popular Agatha Christie mysteries. The stories are shorter than the original, with notes on characters, cultural and historical notes, and a glossary of the more difficult words. Each book is accompanied by a CD containing a reading of the adapted story. Here are the titles in the library:

The moving finger.
“Lymstock is a small town with lots of secrets. Recently there has been an outbreak of anonymous hate-mail. The outbreak becomes more serious when one of the recipients of the letters, Mrs Symmington, commits suicide. Who is writing the letters? And why? It is someone in the small town and people no longer know who they can trust” –rear cover. Fry reading level: 5,6.

The murder at the vicarage.
“When Colonel Protheroe is found murdered in the vicar’s study, it seems that almost everyone in the village of St Mary Mead had a motive to kill him. This is the first case for Agatha Christie’s legendary female detective, Miss Marple. She needs to use all her powers of observation and deduction to solve the mystery.” Fry reading level: 4.

Sparkling cyanide.
“Six people sit down for dinner at a table laid for seven. No one can forget the night almost exactly a year ago that Rosemary Barton died at this same table surrounded by the same people, her beautiful face turned blue with cyanide poison. Rosemary had always been memorable – and people had strong reactions to her. Did one of the six people at dinner feel strongly enough about her to kill her? Fry reading level: 7.

The murder of Roger Akyroyd.

“Roger Akyroyd is a man who knows too much. He knows the woman he loved poisoned her first husband. He knows someone was blackmailing her – and now he knows she killed herself. When Roger Akyroyd is found murdered, the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, is called in to find out who the killer is.” Fry reading level: 5.

Crooked house.

“The Leonides family live together in a large and crooked house in a wealthy London suburb. When the elderly millionaire Aristide Leonides is murdered with a fatal injection, the family reluctantly suspect his glamorous, young second wife. Charles Hayward, who is engaged to the late millionaire’s granddaughter, observes the family closely and makes a terrible and shocking discovery…” Fry reading level: 6.

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