Three books about thinking and the future

Three books about thinking and the future

Three books about thinking and the future

Date posted: January 29, 2013

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Now you see it: how the brain science of attention will transform the way we live, work, and learn.
Cathy N. Davidson. New York: Viking, 2011.
Documents a 2003 experiment at Duke University where the author had free iPods issued to the freshman class; in virtually every discipline, academic uses were found for the iPods. This book integrates findings from psychology, attention, neuroscience and learning theory to look at how technological change can revolutionize education and work.

Is the Internet changing the way you think? The net’s impact on our minds and future. 1st ed.
Edited by John Brockman. New York: Harper Perennial, 2011.
Examines the way the Internet has affected society and the way people think and poses the title question to various writers, scientists, artists and other influential thinkers who contribute short essays on the subject.

Five minds for the future. Pbk. Ed.

Howard Gardner. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press, 2008.
Gardner presents the idea that in order to thrive in the future, individuals will need to be expert in at least one discipline, will need to be able to gather information from disparate sources, will need to be creative, will need to respect diversity, and will need to act ethically. It makes the case for lifelong learning and provides insights for developing organizational leaders.

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