Tech Tuesday: Your Financial Toolkit

Tech Tuesday: Your Financial Toolkit

Tech Tuesday: Your Financial Toolkit

Date posted: November 5, 2013

It’s Tech Tuesday, highlighting resources on literacy, technology, and the digital world.

Since this month is Financial Literacy Month, today’s featured resource is an online financial education tool.

Your Financial Toolkit is an online course designed to make individuals more informed financial consumers. Developed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, the Investor Education Fund, and l’Autorité des Marchés financiers, it presents 11 modules that cover the topics of: money management, banking, saving, credit and debt management, mortgages, insurance, investing, income taxes, retirement and pensions, financial planning and fraud protection. There’s a self-assessment tool to help you decide which modules will help you the most.

In addition to information, there are opportunities to practise financial skills. Includes videos, interactive worksheets, calculators, quizzes, questionnaires and case studies. Each module ends in an action plan.

There’s also an online Trainer’s Guide to help in planning and presenting a financial literacy workshop based on this material.

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