Stress-free Math Games

Stress-free Math Games

Stress-free Math Games

Date posted: December 2, 2013

Continuing our sharing from the Decoda conference, Stress-free Math Games was a fun and action-packed session. Led by Wendy Toth and Deb Denault, it proved that math can be fun.

One resource mentioned by a participant is David Sousa’s How the Brain Learns Mathematics. This book explains neuroscientific findings in understandable terms and discusses the impact of this information on teaching mathematics. The text offers a unique and simplified four-step model for teaching mathematics.

If your interest is in introducing young children to math concepts, How Many Ways Can You Make Five is a parent’s guide to exploring math with children’s picture books. It is filled with activities that explore numbers, patterns, shapes, sequences, and measurement accompanied by reading suggestions.

How many ways can you make five

This conference session included activities reminiscent of Kate Nonesuch’s Family Math Fun. This resource is available in hard copy from the library and online.

To borrow any or all of these 3 resources, or the many other library resources on teaching math and overcoming difficulties with math, email

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