Resources for Remembrance Day

Resources for Remembrance Day

Resources for Remembrance Day

Date posted: October 30, 2012

There’s still time to borrow resources about Remembrance Day. Here’s a few that are available:

Fall Holidays for Literacy (& Low 1) by Donna Bowler. This teacher’s manual includes five readers and a CD plus student handouts and activity masters for a unit on fall holidays for literacy/low 1 level students. Activities, techniques and a sample lesson plan are included.

Remembrance Day by Jill Foran. This book examines how Remembrance Day is celebrated in Canada. Facts are presented in an interesting way using simple language, illustrations and photographs, maps, activities and recipes. It is written at a grade four level.

Special Days and Holidays by Joan Acosta. This selection from the Westcoast Reader includes Remembrance Day.  It’s also available online.

And, for those interested in events during World War II, Rapid Reads has two books of interest:

Assault on Juno by Mark Zuehlke. A dramatic account of the Canadian Forces attack on Juno beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944 — a battle that began the march toward victory in World War II.

Ortona Street Fight by Mark Zuehlke. This book describes Canada’s first major triumph of World War II — the December 1943 battle for Ortona, Italy.

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