PISA 2012

PISA 2012

PISA 2012

Date posted: December 9, 2013

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a triennial international survey that test the skills and knowledge of 15-year old students. Canada is one of the participating countries. The tests look at the extent students near the end of compulsory education can apply knowledge to real-life situations. The latest survey results from 2012 data collection focussed on mathematics, and the results were released last week.

The key findings are available online and the full report is a series of four volumes available on the PISA website.

Here’s a quick video with some of the highlights:

The key findings for Canada and the full report of first results for Canada , Measuring up: Canadian results of the OECD PISA study, have been released by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. This companion report provides further information at the provincial level.

OECD has also provided interactive tools that allow examination of country results. Education GPS compares individual country’s performance on several indicators to the OECD average. And, the Compare your country, PISA 2012 tool is shown below.

Want to see how you’d do on the PISA 2012 math test? Sample questions to try (with answers!) are available online.

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