New series: 21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks

New series: 21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks

New series: 21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks

Date posted: November 22, 2012

New in the library! Be sure to check out the last two titles, in celebration of Financial Literacy Month.

The 21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks (series)

Costa Mesa, Calif.: Saddleback Publishing, 2012.
The books in this series are a concise format, written in plain language and illustrated with colourful photos. They cover a range of practical information. The library has the following titles:

Everyday household tasks.
Emily Hutchinson and Susan M. Freese.
Covers the practical basics of grocery shopping, cooking, caring for clothes, and home maintenance and decoration. Consumer information, facts, and tips are accompanied by definitions of terms that might be unfamiliar.

Getting ahead at work.
Carol Staudacher and Susan M. Freese.
Reviews basic work skills including getting off to a good start, learning the job, succeeding on the job, and handling workplace problems. It covers some workplace essential skills: oral communication, reading at work, document use, and working with others.

Health and safety.
Joanne Suter and Susan M. Freese.
Describes basic skills related to personal health care. Topics include: prevention, getting medical attention, handling health problems, and avoiding health hazards. Written for young adults, it covers health information that is relevant to a wider audience.

Consumer spending.
Nan Bostick and Susan M. Freese.
This guide to consumer spending covers the basics of being a wise buyer, shopping for goods and services, and knowing your rights as a consumer. While the material is written with older teens and young adults in mind, the information is applicable to a wider audience.

Managing money.
Nan Bostick and Susan M. Freese.
Offers information on personal financial management including controlling spending, banking basics, credit, and budgeting skills. Includes a word list at the end and definitions of words throughout the text.

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