New books in the Rapid Reads series

New books in the Rapid Reads series

New books in the Rapid Reads series

Date posted: June 28, 2012

New titles (2012) in the Rapid Reads series for adults from Orca Books!

Assault on Juno by Mark Zuehlke.
A dramatic account of the Canadian Forces attack on Juno beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944 — a battle that began the march toward victory in World War II.

Best girl by Sylvia Warsh.
A young aspiring musician’s life is turned upside down when she begins to learn the truth about her long-dead parents. Reading level: 2.6

Something noble by William Kowalski.
In order to save her son’s life, a single mom must try to convince a selfish drug dealer to donate one of his kidneys to his half brother. Reading level: 3.0

When I kill you by Michelle Wan.
When mud-wrestling postal worker Gina Lopez is blackmailed, the results are amusing, confusing, and potentially life-threatening as she strives to find ways not to carry out a contract killing. Reading level: 3.8

A winter kill by Vicki Delany.
When rookie police constable Nicole Patterson discovers a body on the edge of town, she’s drawn into a murder investigation that’s well beyond her experience and expertise. Reading level: 2.8

Our thanks to Orca Books for donating copies to the library.

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