New books in the Rapid Reads series

New books in the Rapid Reads series

New books in the Rapid Reads series

Date posted: May 27, 2013

New in the library!

Raven Books has published new titles in the Rapid Reads series:

Dirty WorkDirty Work by Reed Farrel Coleman.
Gulliver Dowd is a little person in a world of hurt. After his sister, an NYPD policewoman, is murdered, he becomes a licensed PI. Dowd is shocked to discover that his mysterious new client is Nina, his high-school girlfriend and the one true love of his life. But the real surprise is yet to come. Nina hires Gulliver to find her runaway daughter, convincing him to take the case only when she confesses that the missing girl is Dowd’s daughter too, the product of their high-school romance. Reading level: 3.8

him standingHim Standing by Richard Wagamese.
Lucas Smoke , a talented wood carver, is offered a large advance to carve a spirit mask. This mask is to represent the master, but Lucas must find its face in his dreams. As his dreams become more and more disturbing, he feels himself changing. And the mask takes control of his life. Then a chance encounter with an old woman introduces him to the identity of the master. He is an ancient sorcerer named Him Standing, a powerful and dark wizard. The more Lucas works on the mask, the closer Him Standing comes to emerging from the dream world to walk the earth again. What follows is a race against time and the forces of evil in this supernatural thriller. Reading level: 2.8

Sunset keySunset Key by Blake Crouch.
Letty Dobesh is coming off a bender and hasn’t had a job in months when she gets a very enticing offer. John Fitch, the ultrawealthy CEO of a major energy company, has recently been convicted of securities fraud. Before he goes to prison, he wants Letty to help him steal an original Van Gogh from his island retreat. While it’s dangerous, the money will set Letty up for life and allow her to regain custody of her young son . Reading level: 3.6

Thirteenth roseThe Thirteenth Rose by Gail Bowen.
For his Valentine’s night call-in show, host Charlie D plans to offer his listeners two hours on the topic of “satisfaction.” His in-studio guest is twenty-five-year-old Misty de Vol Burgh, formerly the highest-paid escort in the city but now happily married to eighty-three-year-old billionaire Henry Burgh. It’s all good fun until Charlie receives a chilling message: “It’s take-out-the-garbage night. Time to kill all the hookers and wash the streets with blood.” When Charlie is directed to a website that allows viewers to watch the murder of a prostitute in real time and promises that another killing will be broadcast live within the hour, the hunt is on. Reading level: 5.6

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