New books in the library: Fiction

New books in the library: Fiction

New books in the library: Fiction

Date posted: February 14, 2012

In honour of Valentine’s Day, a not-so-romantic story of love and murder in addition to our other new titles:

Bloody Valentine. Quick James Patterson with K.A. John (2011).
Mega-rich restaurant owner Jack Barnes and his second wife Zee are very much in love. However, their plans for Valentine’s Day are about to be torn apart by the most violent murder. Who is the strange figure plotting this sick crime? Who hates Jack that much? Fry reading level: 4.

Mad weekend. Open door series. by Roddy Doyle (2006).
A story of male friendship, sometimes gone astray. Dave, Pat and Ben have been best friends since they were kids. They do everything together, and they all love their dear Liverpool football club. On a trip to see their favorite team in action, they have a few too many drinks before the match. Dave and Pat get busy chatting up two local girls. Suddenly it’s time to leave for the game. But where is Ben? Fry reading level: 2,3.

Red dog. Oxford bookworms library, Stage 2, True stories. by Louis De Bernieres; retold by Jennifer Bassett, illustrated by Lachlan Creagh (2010).
Red Dog was a Red Cloud kelpie, an Australian sheepdog. His life was full of excitement and adventure. He travelled all over Western Australia, and never really had an owner, but he had many friends and he always knew where to go for a good meal. The stories in this book are based on what really happened to him, but the people in the stories are invented. Fry reading level: 2,3.

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