New books from Good Reads

New books from Good Reads

New books from Good Reads

Date posted: October 3, 2013

New in the library!

Grass Roots Press
has just released some new books in the Good Reads series.

All nightAll night.

Alan Cumyn.
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Jess and Gregor live in a basement apartment. Gregor is a comedian and Jess is a struggling actor. The sudden death of their close friend Peter forces them to think about their lives. They stay up all night talking, loving, arguing. This is their night of truth. Who are they? What do they want? What do they mean to each other? Reading level: 2.

bed_and_breakfastBed and breakfast.
Gail Anderson-Dargatz.
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Annie runs a bed and breakfast. She has lived alone since her husband died five years ago. Now, she wishes for someone to love. One morning Brent, a guest, walks into her life. Her heart skips a beat. Handsome, charming, well dressed-will Brent turn out to be the man of her dreams? Reading level: 3.

clear-outThe clear-out.
Deborah Ellis.
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Duncan is very angry. Tess, his wife, has turned their dining room into a library. Then disaster strikes: Tess gets sick. Soon Duncan is alone. Right away, he clears out the books he hates. Suddenly, things in the house start to move around by themselves. A strange message appears in the kitchen. Reading level: 3.

Love you to death grLove you to death.
Elizabeth Ruth.
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One evening, Ivy goes out for dinner and meets Mark. At thirty, Ivy longs for her first real boyfriend. Her wish soon gets her into trouble. But Mark has stepped into trouble, too. He has never known a woman like Ivy-and he never will again. Ivy makes sure of that. Reading level: 3-4

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