More about reading aloud

More about reading aloud

More about reading aloud

Date posted: August 16, 2013

New in the library!

The read-aloud handbook. 7th ed.
Jim Trelease. New York: Penguin, 2013.
This book is the revised and updated version of a classic on reading aloud to children. It discusses the benefits, the rewards, and the importance of reading aloud to children, and includes an extensive list of all kinds of read aloud books. The latest research (including the good and bad news on digital learning) is combined with anecdotes to illustrate techniques and strategies for reading aloud to children.

Reading with babies, toddlers & twos: a guide to laughing, learning & growing together through books.

Susan Straub & KJ Dell-Antonia with Rachel Payne. Naperville, Ill.: Sourcebooks, 2013.
Written for parents, and other adults who read to children, this book is a guide to reading with very young children. It answers questions such as: Which books will a newborn baby enjoy? Are ebooks and apps appropriate for young children? Can I make up a story to tell my child? What are the best collections of fairy tales, fables and other classic stories? It includes guidance on selecting books to read with young children and specific book recommendations.

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We shared more print and online resources in an earlier post on reading aloud.

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