International Literacy Day today!

International Literacy Day today!

International Literacy Day today!

Date posted: September 8, 2011

Today is International Literacy Day and to celebrate Decoda Literacy Solutions took on the ABC Life Literacy challenge of learning a new word.  Here’s what we learned.  Definitions are provided just in case these words are new to you, too.

Anand Karaj: the name given to the Sikh marriage ceremony. ‘Anand’ literally means bliss. ‘Karaj’, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘karya’, means a work or undertaking or in a more solemn sense, it means ‘ceremony.’ (Melinda Johnston)

Apiol: an oily liquid from parsley (Fanny Romeyn)

Bibliobibuli: one who reads too much – or one who is drunk on reading. From the Greek “biblio” for books and the Latin “bibulous” to drink.  (Leona Gadsby)

Coalesce: to grow together or into one body, to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc., to blend or come together. (Diana Twiss)

Didactic: designed or intended to teach (Tammy Gladue)

Eleemosynary: charitable, derived from or provided by charity (Tina Chau)

Eschew: to avoid doing something (Brenda Le Clair)

Flibbertigibbet: a chattering or flighty, light-headed person (Sara Chiapolini)

Improvident: not providing or saving for the future,not wise or sensible regarding money (Deborah Dragon)

Kyoodle: to make loud meaningless noise (Fiona Morrison)

Mentsh :  an honorable, decent person, an authentic person, a person who helps you when you need help. Can be a man, woman or child.  Alternate spelling: mensch. (Lori Walker)

Suffarcinate: to pack tightly (Niki Penz)

 I’m not sure if these words could all be used in day to day conversation, but it could be fun trying!


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