Getting ready for PIAAC 3

Getting ready for PIAAC 3

Getting ready for PIAAC 3

Date posted: September 23, 2013

Today we’ll be looking at a couple of resources about PIAAC in Canada.

PIAAC in Canada is a presentation given by Patrick Bussière of the Skills Development Research Division, Policy Research Directorate, HRSDC, this summer. These Powerpoint slides give a good overview of PIAAC in Canada, including the main elements of PIAAC, details about PIAAC in Canada, and the proposed reports and time lines.

Statistics Canada is Canada’s project manager for PIAAC. You can find details about how PIAAC was conducted in Canada on their website, including how the survey participants were selected and how the interviews were conducted. (Canada has the largest sampling of any of the participating countries.) If you’re curious about the kinds of questions that were asked, the questionnaire is online.

For information on the introductory print resources on PIAAC, look at Getting ready for PIAAC.

For links to recorded webinars on the basics of PIAAC and the resource list from the Centre for Literacy, look at Getting ready for PIAAC 2.

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