Borrowing DVDs from the Decoda Library

Borrowing DVDs from the Decoda Library

Borrowing DVDs from the Decoda Library

Date posted: September 12, 2013

Reminder: Audiovisuals are now covered by Library Book Rate. For borrowers, this means that DVDs and games will be mailed to you with prepaid return labels, just like books.

Here’s a sample of some DVDs that are available for loan:

Deciphering dyslexia. (2008)
The Knowledge Network documentary Deciphering Dyslexia is designed to raise awareness and provide an understanding of dyslexia, to bring a human face to this invisible disability and to reduce the stigma surrounding it. The film profiles four individuals and their families. Their stories, along with expert commentary, illustrate the likely causes of the disability and the most scientifically sound strategies for intervention.

I love when we play. Directed by Leah Tremain. (2013)
This DVD teaches parents how best to encourage and support play-based learning. As we know, free-play is crucial for healthy childhood development and play helps children succeed and thrive throughout life. Parents of children from birth to age eight will learn why play based activities are taking place in the classroom and learn how to support and encourage play in the home. The library also has the other DVDs in this series.

The literacy of video games: what kids learn, how we can help, and why it matters. Directed by Leah Tremain. (2009)
This DVD includes expert guidance for both parents and teachers about how to value literacies already inherent in video games while addressing the more controversial aspects of game play.

Measures of Success: diagnostic assessment. Pat Campbell. (2007).
This DVD is an ideal training tool for workshops and in-services. It demonstrates how to administer and interpret a diagnostic assessment. The library also has a copy of Measures of success: performance assessment and the book to accompany these DVDs.

Opening doors: a literacy audit tool kit for customer service excellence. Written by Rick Castiglione and Terri Peters. (2008)
This DVD contains literacy awareness stories from adult learners and a dramatization and tips on providing literacy friendly customer service. It reinforces some of the information found in the “Opening Doors” literacy audit print manual and provides more detailed video coverage of some of the photo essays in “The Way In”.

Sharing our stories. Saskatchewan Literacy Network. (2007)
Three learners from the Saskatchewan Literacy Network share their experiences and lessons learned when speaking to the media. From pre-interview nerves to public reactions to an interview, the women provide practical solutions to managing the stress of sharing your life story with television, radio and newspapers.

Teaching reading to adults: Comprehension strategies. Written and directed by Susan Rogers. (2003)
This DVD illustrates the comprehension strategies outlined in the book Teaching adults to read: a balanced approach by Pat Campbell. A separate DVD illustrates the word recognition strategies.

Where do the children play? The nature of play. Produced for Michigan Television.
This public television documentary examines the disappearance of play and nature from the daily lives of children. Many children today do not know about free play in the natural world. Sprawl, congestion, and suburban development across America have had an impact on children. Explores this new environmental impact on children’s mental and physical health and their development. Includes commentary from children about their perception of play.

To borrow any of these DVDs, and others, email

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