Assess for Success

Assess for Success

Assess for Success

Date posted: December 3, 2013

Assess for Success was a popular session at the Decoda conference. On Day 1 it was led by Pat Campbell, and the Day 2 session was led by Diana Twiss.

In this full day workshop, participants had an opportunity to administer and interpret the Canadian Adult Reading Assessment (CARA) and the Diagnostic Adult Literacy Assessment for Beginning Readers (DALA). These tools provide diagnostic information, which helps to identify a student’s reading pattern and to choose effective teaching strategies. Participants also had the chance to see how the Active Reader series (Foundation to Book 6) could be used.

For those who missed this session, these resources are all available for borrowing from the library. To request a loan, email

To locate more resources on assessment, visit our Assessment Materials list.

Recently, the Alberta Literacy Research Institute (which had a display at the conference) had a blog post on assessment. Here’s the link to : How are practitioners collecting evidence of student growth? What role does assessment play in teaching and learning in adult literacy?

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