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Posts featuring books or resources are intended to highlight items we have recently acquired or accessed, and which we would like to share with our readership. They do not represent an endorsement.

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Serve and Return to Build Baby’s Brain

Responsive interaction between children and adults build a strong foundation in a child’s brain. The Harvard Center on the Developing Child outlines five steps for serve and return: Notice the serve and share the child’s focus of attention. Return the serve by supporting and encouraging. Give it a name! Take turns … and wait. Keep… Read more

Everything Present in the Seed

Developed by the Department of Community Development and Outreach at Capilano University, Everything Present in the Seed is a unique curriculum for community members to discover their innate leadership values and skills while improving their literacy and essential skills. The online resources include the manual, the facilitator’s guide and six full colour posters: Caring for… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading – Tina Chau

So many books, so little time. With recommendations from friends, family, book reviewers, librarians and booksellers, my summer reading list keeps growing. I’ve already gathered more books than I can possibly read in two months. Here’s how I’m planning to tackle this: Focus on fun. I love reading mysteries, so a large part of my… Read more


Have you tried Snapchat? This photo sharing app is popular with teens and parents want to understand it. The following video is a quick introduction. But, it’s not all negative. There are benefits to using Snapchat. For more information about Snapchat, visit the Cyberwise Snapchat Hub. It has links to safety tips, parent guides, news… Read more

Yes I Can: Mental Health Guide for Adult Literacy Facilitators

Yes I Can: A Mental Health Guide for Adult Literacy Facilitators is a unique new resource from Project READ Literacy Network. This guide for adult education facilitators provides information and strategies for supporting adult learners living with mental health conditions or disorders. In addition to general information on mental health challenges, it presents information on… Read more

16 Inspirational Quotes from Children’s Literature

Here are bits of wisdom offered in children’s books. Can you guess which books they come from? “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will… Read more

Grimdark, cromulent and other new words

Do you know the meaning of: Grimdark Cromulent Embiggen? These are just some of the words that have been added this year to the Oxford English Dictionary. Dictionaries are living documents that grow as the language grows. The following video shows how new words are screened for addition to the Oxford Dictionary.   To read… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading – Diana Twiss

As soon as my holidays started, I grabbed the first book available, “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty. I came highly recommended by my daughter – “Read the book, it’s better than the movie.” For a summer read, it did not disappoint.  But what’s on my true summer reading list is a collection of books… Read more

Library News

The Decoda Library will be closed from July 14th to July 30th for staff holidays. If you’d like to borrow from the library before the end of July, please send your requests in by this Thursday. Thanks to all who entered the Decoda Library draw by borrowing between June 17th and July 6th. Congratulations to… Read more

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids Workshop is designed to help parents better understand how their children are using social networking. It provides tips and tools that parents can use to minimize negative experiences and maximize positives ones. The workshop from MediaSmarts is designed to be presented in a school or community setting… Read more

Made by Dyslexia

Made by Dyslexia is a new organization based in the UK with the purpose of helping the world understand dyslexia as a different way of thinking and to support dyslexics. Their launch report from May 2017, Connecting the Dots: Understanding Dyslexia, gives a concise overview of dyslexia from the viewpoint of dyslexic people. It describes… Read more

Toddler Scientists

When they’re digging in dirt, splashing water, or trying to use a sippy cup, toddlers are trying to figure out how the world works. They observe and experiment. What they’re doing lays the foundations for STEM – science, technology, engineering and math. High Chair Philosophers, a new article in Scientific American, offers some details on… Read more

Leaving Abuse

This graphic novel tells the story of Maya, a young mother in BC who has left her abusive partner but doesn’t know what to do next or where to get help. Through illustrations and basic legal information written in plain language, Leaving Abuse shows how Maya finds the support and legal aid she and her… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading – Maureen Kehler

I just got back from a meeting with my kayaking gang. We met to discuss our trip that’s coming up in a couple of weeks; nailing down details like who is bringing the stove, the mosquito netting, and the first aid kit. As usual, the meeting started with “What book are you reading now?”, “I’m… Read more

Decoda Library Draw

Did you know that the Decoda Library is having a draw for two $25 Chapters gift certificates? There are 3 days left to enter. All you have to do is borrow an item (or more!) from the Decoda Library by July 6th. Your name will automatically be entered. Winners will be notified the week of… Read more