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Improving Digital Practices for Literacy, Learning, and Justice

Instead of placing trust in the latest gadget, faith must be placed in the expertise of teachers to sustain classrooms that reflect the contexts of learning that are encountered outside of schools and in the real world. Improving Digital Practices for Literacy, Learning, and Justice: More Than Just Tools is a new Literacy Leadership Brief… Read more

Financial Basics Videos

Are you looking for videos for financial literacy programs? The Financial Basics e-learning videos cover the essentials of personal finances; budgeting, living within your means, managing credit and debt, fraud prevention and investing and saving for the future. The eight videos in the series are designed to complement the Financial Basics workshop from the Financial… Read more

The Teenage Brain

In honour of International Youth Day this coming Sunday, today’s blogpost presents 3 pieces of information on the teenage brain. First, watch Dan Siegel and the Adolescent Brain, describing myths about the adolescent brain. Click the image below to link to the video. Second, read Why Teens Should Understand Their Own Brains (And Why Their… Read more

Activities for Everyone, Everywhere

Activities for Everyone, Everywhere: an intercultural physical activity guide is a launch pad for any group to explore interculturalism through physical activity. The activities in this guide focus more on playfulness, fun and engagement, less on competition. It provides 35 different physical activities from around the world and their connection to intercultural learning. The three… Read more

Library Holiday

The Decoda Literacy Library will be closed this Friday, August 10th, reopening Monday, August 27th. Please make any requests for loans by noon tomorrow, August 9th. Thanks!

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2018 – Gail Hanney

Summer Reading with Stanley the Dog Did you know that dogs like reading?  Yes, we do. When my humans read, they stay in one place.  I can lie next to them. They read in nice places:  the beach, a sunny deck, the lawn.  I love reading. I can usually tell if they like a book. … Read more

Family Creative Learning

Family Creative Learning is a workshop series that engages children and their parents to learn together, using creative technologies. The workshops are designed to build on families’ relationships and cultural backgrounds and to strengthen their social support and skill around computing. Family Creative Learning from Creative Communities Group on Vimeo. Children and their parents engage… Read more

The Point of Babies Pointing

Pointing is a sign that babies have developed some social and communication skills. To learn more about why pointing is an important activity for babies, read: Baby Pointing: Such a Crucial Language Development Milestone The Importance of Pointing Make a Point of It Pointing can boost toddlers’ language skills, say researchers What’s the Point of… Read more

Bookstore Quiz

Looking for a new book to read? Answer some questions about your book buying habits, and Book Riot will give you a book suggestion. Click the image below to go to the quiz.

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2018 – Maureen Kehler

Book Spine Poetry on Bikes I went cycling in the Kootenays a couple of weeks ago – Creston to Moyie Park to Cranbrook to Fort Steele to Canal Flats to Radium to Invermere to Skookumchuck to Kimberley to Cranbrook. I waved to all you CBAL folks as we travelled through. My cycling friends love to… Read more

10 Handy Tips for Microsoft Word 2016

Do you use Microsoft Word 2016 to create and edit documents? Did you know that you can edit a PDF or dictate to type in Word 2016? Go to Dictate, edit PDFs, track changes – 10 handy tips for Microsoft Word for the other 8 video tips.

Five Brain Facts That Influence How People Learn

Understanding how the brain works can help you create effective learning experiences. For more details about these give facts, read The Science of Learning: 5 Things to Literally Keep in Mind.  

The Roots of Reading Videos

The Vancouver Public Library has created The Roots of Reading, a series of videos for parents and caregivers on early language and literacy development.  There’s an introductory video and then separate videos for talking, singing, playing, reading and writing. In addition, there are videos with songs, rhymes and quick crafts. Visit VPL’s The Roots of… Read more

Wet Book Rescue

Have you ever left a book out in the rain? Dropped a book in a puddle? Found out your book bag wasn’t waterproof? While it’s best to avoid mixing books and liquids, sometimes these things happen. Here’s how to rescue a book that has been water damaged.

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2018 – Nicole Davies

My childhood friend’s birthday is less than a week away. With 30+ years of friendship under our belts there are a lot of memories to choose from – sliding down laundry shoots, out of town volleyball tournaments, broken bones (me), fender benders (her) and so much laughter. We shared a penchant for storytelling and the… Read more