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Sound and learning

Did you know that the brain’s response to sound affects how you learn? The Auditory Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University is able to predict which children are likely to struggle with reading by their brain’s response to sound at an early age, before they are actually reading. The good news is that there are things… Read more

Words that are their own opposites

Even if you haven’t heard of contronyms, you’ve probably used them.

The 12 Apps of Christmas

Starting December 1, you can participate in the 12 Apps of Christmas. This is a fast, free microlearning opportunity offered by BC post secondary educators for BC post secondary educators. Every day for 12 days a new app will be featured. You’ll get information on where to get it, how to use it, and how… Read more

Financial Literacy Outcome Evaluation Tool

Do you conduct a financial literacy program? Would you like assistance in evaluating your program? The Financial Literacy Outcome Evaluation Tool from Prosper Canada is designed to help you. Answering a series of questions takes you through the process of selecting scales and questions you can use to evaluate your program. The tool also contains… Read more

What does your smartphone say about you?

New research suggests that the smartphone you select can reveal something about your personality. “A comparison of both Android and iPhone users revealed that iPhone users are more likely to be: • Younger • More than twice as likely to be women • More likely to see their phone as a status object • More… Read more

Copyright Decision Tool

The Copyright Decision Tool is a new Canadian website that guides teachers through the process of deciding if they can use print materials, artistic works or audiovisual materials without getting copyright permission. Under the fair dealing provision of the Copyright Act, teachers are allowed to use “short excerpts” of copyright-protected material for students in their… Read more

Tiny Stories

UNICEF has invited writers from all over the world to pen a short story on the theme ‘what I want for every child’. More than 200 authors have answered the call, weaving their vision of a world in which all children enjoy the right to survive and thrive, to learn and to grow up healthy… Read more

BC Child Poverty Report Card 2016

First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition with the support of SPARC BC produces an annual report card with the latest statistics on child and family poverty in British Columbia. This is done in conjunction with the release of the national child poverty report card by Campaign 2000. First Call has been tracking child and family… Read more

Online library for adult learners

Are you looking for web-based reading material for adult literacy students? The Center for the Study of Adult Literacy (CSAL) has an online library for adult learners. It provides access to over 1,600 different resources for learners organized by reading level and by topic. All of the reading materials exist on external websites and have… Read more

Play leads to great inventions

In a new TED Talk, Steven Johnson shows how play is important for invention and innovation. “You’ll find the future wherever people are having the most fun.”

Can You Figure Out the Rule?

Click here for the TED-ED Lesson to accompany the video.

Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day is this coming Sunday, November 20th. It is the anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. It’s a good time to reflect on the state of children in your community. Here are three recent reports from… Read more

Flashcards and QR Codes for Health Literacy

How can flashcards and QR codes improve health literacy? Low health literacy is associated with lower ability to take medications as instructed, lower ability to interpret labels and health messages, and poorer health. A recent research study found that flashcards available through QR codes on prescription bottles improved patients’ ability to follow medication instructions. Previous… Read more

Copy Edit Tihs!

Do you write or proofread someone else’s writing at work? Test your skills by trying The New York Times Copy Edit Tihs! Quiz. There are ten passages that contain at least one error in grammar or usage. You don’t have to fix the error, just spot it and click on it. Answers and explanations are… Read more

National Philanthropy Day

Today is National Philanthropy Day. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who support adult literacy in BC with their generosity and time commitment. Your help makes a difference. National Philanthropy Day is also a time to reflect on the causes you’d like to support with your time, talent and donations. For ideas on… Read more