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Family Literacy Week Activities

It’s Family Literacy Week! From Abbotsford to Williams Lake, communities are celebrating family literacy with a variety of activities. Click here for a list of some of the things happening in the province. You can participate in Family Literacy Week fun by entering our photo contest. Deadline is the end of January. Find the details… Read more

Songs to Get the Wiggles Out

Young children can find it hard to sit still sometimes. The music you choose to use with them can match that energy level, combining music and movement. In the following video, Lindsay Krabbenhoft and Dana Horrocks, two children’s librarians from Vancouver, sing a song to help “get the wiggles out”. For more songs to engage… Read more

Making Musical Instruments – Drum

Here’s a way to make a drum with material you can find around the house. Why not enter our Family Literacy Week photo contest with a picture of making a musical instrument or making music?

Mindset Misuse

‘Growth mindset’ has become a popular concept in education over the past few years. But, it isn’t always well understood or well used. Read about common misunderstanding and misuses of ‘growth mindset’ and how to avoid them in: How Praise Became a Consolation Prize Mindset Misconceptions: Trying Hard ≠ Growth Mindset Recognizing and Overcoming False Growth… Read more

Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a fun activity for parents and young children that combines music and movement. You need space for dancing and something to make music that is easy to start and stop (e.g. CD player, musical instrument, your voice). The game is simple. Play or make music and invite your child to move to… Read more

Tech Guide Handouts

If you are teaching technology topics for beginners, you can find good the ideas in the Tech Guide Handouts from NYPL Tech Connect at the New York Public Library. There are class handouts on computers, digital devices, internet and email, and Microsoft Office 2010. And, some of the handouts are available multiple languages, including Chinese,… Read more

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Click here for the full TED Ed lesson.

Making Musical Instruments – Rainsticks

Rainsticks make a lovely sound and you can make one yourself. Here are some instructions from Science World.

The Irish National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) has developed a new website with print exercises, online exercises, games and resources for tutors. It’s a useful for resource for adult students, tutors and teachers. Visit to browse through the resources.

Songs & Rhymes for Children

Sharing familiar songs and rhymes with young children is a fun way to support literacy development. But, it’s also good to have a supply of new songs to add variety and more fun. The Brooklyn Public Library has an extensive listing of songs organized by theme on their website. Click here to see their First… Read more

Fighting Fake News

Fake news is in the news. Can you tell if online news is true or false? As we mentioned in an earlier blogpost, recent research shows that students may not be able to tell if online news is true or fake. Here are a couple of resources to help teach media literacy: Fighting Fake News… Read more

Write Your Own Lullaby

Lullabies are gentle songs that can help your child fall asleep. Singing them to your young child helps them feel calm and safe, and supports their language and brain development. It also is one of the things that contributes to the bond between parent and child. While there are plenty of lullabies you can sing,… Read more

Making Musical Instruments – Shakers

This year’s theme for Family Literacy Week is Tuning In to Music – Listen! Make! Move! Making music includes making musical instruments. And, that can be easier than it sounds. This video shows how to make some very basic shakers with materials you can find around the house. For more family music ideas, visit our… Read more

GCF Learn Free is a popular free online learning site with over 2,000 lessons on more than 180 topics. It’s a place to learn new skills, update current skills, and practice skills. New entries include an Introduction to Graphic Design, Snapchat, Prezi, and updated iPad, iPhone and Skype tutorials. For instructors and tutors, they offer Teacher Guides… Read more

Interactive Math Puzzles

Math puzzles can be a fun way to practice math skills. For some math puzzles based on current events and pop culture, visit Expii Solve. This free website has interactive word problems at different levels on a variety of topics.