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Tips on Toys

With so many toys available, how can you choose a toy that will provide good play value? Here are some tips: Choosing Toys to Grow With Your Preschooler Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers Toy Buying Tips for Babies & Young Children: AAP Report Explained What… Read more

Dyslexia in the Classroom

Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs to Know is a concise introduction produced by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). It is designed to provide teachers with basic information about dyslexia, dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding it, and increase teacher capacity. This is only one of many resources available on the IDA website. Here… Read more

The MALLA Guide

The Manitoba Adult Literacy Learner Assessment Guide (MALLA Guide) for adult literacy practitioners was written for practitioners who have knowledge of adult learning theory and some experience in conducting assessment interviews with learners registering in an adult literacy program.  It describes a comprehensive approach to assessment that includes three phases:  Initial Assessment, Ongoing Assessment and… Read more

Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits

Digital Storytelling: Understanding Social Media and Visual Storytelling Tools for Nonprofits is a resource from Tech Soup Canada that explores how nonprofits can use social media platforms for digital storytelling. A webinar recording, slide deck, and additional resources are included. The webinar covers: How to tailor content and visuals to your organization’s social media platforms… Read more

Human Rights Day

Today is Human Rights Day and this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The following infographic is a simplified version of the 30 articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.    

Preschool Coding – Hands-On and Screen-Free

Preschoolers can learn early coding skills through hands-on, screen-free activities that are fun.  The T in STEM: Creating Play-Based Experiences That Support Children’s Learning of Coding and Higher Order Thinking is an introduction to the foundational skills that help young children understand coding. Here are some sample activities to try: 7 Super Easy Ways to… Read more

Libraries Ready to Code

Want to learn more about resources and strategies for facilitating coding and computational thinking activities? Libraries Ready to Code, an initiative of the American Library Association sponsored by Google, is a good place to look. The Ready to Code Collection was created with the collaboration of staff from 30 libraries that curated resources, developed content… Read more

Create and Use QR Codes

Have you noticed the QR codes in The Westcoast Reader?  This is a tool you can use to share resources, and you can make your own QR codes. Here are three short video tutorials by Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers: How to Make a QR Code for Just About Anything How to Use… Read more

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code”, to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.  It’s now a world-wide event that takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week (this week!). You’re invited to organize… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – December 2018

The December issue of The Westcoast Reader newspaper is available now. You can find the Teachers’ Notes for this issue online. For subscription information, or to find out if your group qualifies to receive the newspaper for free, click here.

2018 BC Child Poverty Report Card

Data reveals that once again far too many children in British Columbia are growing up in poverty. One in five children, or 172,550 children and youth, are growing up in poverty. And many are growing up in deep poverty — up to $13,000 below the poverty line. This includes poor households where one or more… Read more

Financial Literacy Resources for English Language Learners

Here are some good examples of financial literacy teaching resources designed for use with adult English language learners. English for Financial Literacy: Volumes 1 – 3 Organized as a wiki, this comprehensive instructor’s resource from the Toronto Catholic School Board is designed to teach financial literacy concepts and skills at CLB levels 1 to 8…. Read more

Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money: Tools and tips to help you meet your goals is a series of seven worksheets to help Indigenous individuals and families to set and work towards money goals. Each financial topic and activity is paired with a teaching from the animal world that draws on skills, strengths and experiences in managing resources…. Read more

Refugee Men’s Health and Well-being

Refugee Men’s Health and Well-being: Strategies for Language Instructors has been researched and designed to help EAL instructors and male students engage in topics around men’s physical, sexual and emotional health and well-being in a safe, supported way. It is intended to be used by male instructors teaching an all-male class. Organized into four sections,… Read more

Teachers Learning Code

December 3rd to 10th is Canada Learning Code Week. It’s a week dedicated to learning how to code. Why learn this digital skill? Canada Learning Code believes that all teachers can teach coding. And, to help you get started, they’ve produced Teachers Learning Code Digital Toolbox: Quick Start Guide, a guidebook for K-12 teachers with… Read more