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Posts featuring books or resources are intended to highlight items we have recently acquired or accessed, and which we would like to share with our readership. They do not represent an endorsement.

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Tap, Click, Read Toolkit

Tap, Click, Read: growing readers in a world of screens provides a look at how parents and educators can help children become readers using media of all kinds – print, digital and everything in between. Now a toolkit of 14 research-based based resources to accompany the book has been released. It includes recommendations, tip sheets,… Read more

Drop Everything and Read

Today is the BC Drop Everything and Read Challenge! Have you set aside time today to read? Here’s a true story that reflects on the power of reading.

Expectation Gap

When do parents expect that children can control their emotions? When do parents think that children are able to share and take turns? Is what they expect realistic? Zero to Three’s survey of American parents reveals there’s a gap between what parents expect and what children are developmentally able to do. (Click the images for… Read more

Clear language cookbook

The NWT Literacy Council in partnership with the Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority and the NWT/Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program created Great Food for Northern Cooks: Clear and Easy Recipes. It uses ingredients that are available in northern communities, and is a good example of an easy to read cookbook with lots of illustrations.

Life Skills Modules

Are you working with adult literacy students who would like to develop their self confidence, self advocacy, goal setting, time management, and organizational skills? Laubach Literacy of Ontario has learning modules available for free download that include PowerPoint presentations and learner workbooks. Each module is designed for 4-6 sessions, and is suitable for Level 1… Read more

Finding Free Images

Do you ever look for free images to enhance a project? In this video, Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers describes five ways of finding Creative Commons or public domain images.

Emotions, Learning and the Brain

Research continues to support our understanding of the important role that emotions play in learning. For a concise research fact sheet that summarizes current understanding of the interplay of thinking and emotion, how experience changes the brain, the role of emotions in learning and how brain development depends on social relationships, click here. To learn… Read more

The “Missing” First Year

A recent survey by ZERO TO THREE in the United States revealed that while parents are aware of the importance of early experiences for their children’s development, they often underestimate how much babies know, learn and feel during the first few months of life. (Click the image to see the full infographic.) ZERO TO THREE… Read more

International Plain Language Day

Celebrate International Plain Language Day today. To learn more about clear language, email library@decoda.ca to borrow additional resources.

International Day of the Girl

Today is International Day of the Girl Child and the theme this year is Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: What Counts for Girls. The theme recognizes that progress towards gender equality is good not only for girls, but is also good for families, communities and society. At the same time, it highlights the need to… Read more

Canadian Library Month

October is Canadian Library Month! Make a point of visiting your library this month. The Decoda Literacy Library will be reopening next week and we welcome your questions and requests. To contact the library email library@decoda.ca .

Stay Safe on Social Networks

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here’s a short video on ways to stay safe on your social networks. For more cyber security tips and other resources, browse the Cyber Security Month Toolkit.

Essential Skills Day

Today is Essential Skills Day!

Story of an Adult Literacy Student

Earlier this year, The Secret Lives of Americans TV documentary series included a segment on Cleo, a loving and supportive mother from Alabama who has always encouraged her children to pursue their educational goals — all while struggling to share her own literacy issues with her family. In this video she talks about the impact… Read more

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Which One Doesn’t Belong? is a website that provides though-provoking math puzzles. Each puzzle consists of four images. For each puzzle the question is the same – which one doesn’t belong? There are no answers provided because for each set of four images, there is more than one right answer. The only test of being… Read more