Credentialing the Field

Credentialing the Field

“The value of a professional qualification for literacy educators is in [the] recognition that we belong to a common field.”                                                                                                 – Survey respondent

In response to a longstanding desire expressed by those in the field, we’ve professionalized the literacy practice so that our community can show learners, educators and the public the full scope of our work.

We’ve developed a system where both Adult Literacy Practitioners and Literacy Outreach Coordinators in B.C. can obtain a respected credential that expresses the knowledge and skills they bring to their positions.

Practitioners who obtain these credentials will also receive a digital badge. To learn more about the digital badges, click here.

Follow the links below to read more about which credential best applies to you.

Adult Literacy Practitioner (ALP) Credential read more

LITERACY OutreacH Coordinator (LOC) CreDENTIALread more