Idea 7: Outline the relationship between staff and volunteers.

Clear divisions of labour, reporting structures and role definitions help create mutually respectful relationships between employees and volunteers. When possible, staff should be involved in developing a volunteer program and have input into their degree of involvement with volunteers. This will help build commitment and support for volunteer involvement. A general caution: Volunteers and employees should not perform the same functions.

Voices from the field:

  • Expectations have to be aligned right from the beginning in order to ensure there is no discrepancy. Everyone needs to know what is expected of them, else they do not know their terms of reference. We like to do this by doing volunteer/tutor training (an online module) as well as outlining expectations in initial interviews, reinforced by written agreements.
  • It just seems to happen. I am the only program staff person, so the distinction is easy.
  • When we did not clarify this relationship we ran into a few difficulties where volunteers felt compelled to change answer keys, teach new material, etc. We tried to stress the positive by letting our volunteers know that their greatest asset was the one to one tutoring that they could provide. I think putting a positive spin on their role really has helped.

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Last updated: November 12, 2015